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Prophecy 204 Glory in ME

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

Given to Prophet אברהם בן עזרא for the Praise, Honour & Glory of ELOHIM (GOD) in Heaven

Received on 29th June, 2022 in the year of our LORD 5782, 30th of Sivan

Prophetic Message


Let I, YEHOVAH, speak forth MY son. Let the LIVING WATERS of your FATHER flow. Glory in ME. YEHOVAH is MY NAME. Come back to ME MY children. Hold ME tight. For MY Love for you is immeasurable. Be slow to speak and quick to listen. Let the love flow MY children. Let ME cherish you.

MY ways are beautiful. They’re healing to your soul. Keep your eye focused on your FATHER, your Loving DAD YEHOVAH. MY Love is comfort to your soul. MY Love is your healing balm. MY Love keeps you. [Shabbat (0656—0718 hrs) on 15th July, 2023 that is 26th Tamuz, 5783] MY love is the music that moves all things. MY love is the music all things dance to. It’s a symphony dear beloved little ones. Yes, a better symphony that Beethoven’s. MY music, I write in the hearts and souls of men and women. Yes, in the souls of the children of this world. All those that to MY sweet melodious voice would hearken. It beautifies them. Yes, melodious, because it is the Voice of the ALMIGHTY that flows forth from the strings of MY very Heart and SOUL. Hallelu YAH! Amen.

They say music is healing unto the soul. Yes, to the mind, heart and soul, MY music is healing even unto the spirit. It aligns all the elements thereof, yea, even of nature. Everything that is out of place, yes, falls back in its place. Like a dislocated disc, smoothly sliding back in its place, relieving the pain. Yes, bringing some great much needed relief. Amen. It’s as children, the mind jammed up. There’s too much going on, so much traffic! Oh the pressure! Chaos all around and you can’t make sense of anything. Then, MY music flows through. Comes to your sweet ears. Yes, even MY love, touches your heart and mind. Yes, your soul hears of the sweet melody! That flowery sweet scent comes to its nostrils! And it takes in a long fresh breath of air! MY air! Yes, MY air, it breathes in! And O the sweet relief! The mind clears! The ears unclogged! The nose too! Everything opens up! The eyes! O the wonder! The magic! Suddenly you discover, all around you MY beauty! MY magic! MY love! I never left! I AM still there holding out MY arms of love! Embracing you! Comforting you!

And MY world is open unto you! It is not at all gloomy and chaotic as ye thought! But O it is a bright brilliant day! An azure beautiful sky is above your heads! Yes, MY Light, MY children, is ever shining bright upon you all! It shines upon all MY children and they walk not in darkness no matter what the physical eye sees. Yes, they are in MY Light at all times. Therefore, children, see through MY eyes. Yes, the eye of Light. Let your eye always be light. The eye through which you see. Let MY love, that is MY light shine through your eyes. Never walk in darkness. For hatred of brethren, which is murder, is all of darkness. Let MY compassion for all MY creation permeate through your beings. Pray, intercede for all MY children, animals and creatures all over this world. Yes, let MY will be done in and for their lives. I have created you children to care for all that I have made. To have the FATHER’S care for all HIS children and creations. Amen.

Walk in the footsteps of YESHUA. Walk in HIS authority. Yea, even as HE gave you. Accomplish MY commands. Accomplish MY will for your lives. Let truth and mercy, MY love and compassion be always upon your lips. Know who you are in ME. Stand on who you are in ME, in MY SON YESHUA your merciful MASHIACH. Amen.

End of Word



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