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Prophecy 211 A FATHER’S Delight

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

Given to Prophet אברהם בן עזרא for the Praise, Honour & Glory of ELOHIM (GOD) in Heaven

Received on 18,21,23rd July, 2022 in the year of our LORD 5782, 19,22,24th of Tamuz

Prophetic Message


Yes, write forth MY words son. The words of a loving FATHER to HIS children. I take care of all things: past, present & future. [עבר, הווה והעתיד] All is found in I your FATHER YEHOVAH. Even I your IMMA URIYAH. The Love of THE FATHER is Amazing. It encompasses all. In HIS LOVE & in HIS MERCY HE has formed and kept you. HIS saving BLOOD through HIS SON making you whole. The Anointing oil balm of Gilead.

See what things the FATHER has lavished you with. That ye are called the children of ELOHIM the ALMIGHTY! Hallelu YAH! From Eternity unto Eternity HE is with you; pulling you close. Knitting you together into HIM. It’s a marvellous thing that HE makes. MY precious children are HIS joy. A FATHER’s Delight. The Letter that HE lovingly writes. If you could see the look in HIS eye! MY children, know that you are precious, that you’re surely loved. I your IMMA URIYAH give you a word of comfort this day.

Yes, MY son, write forth MY words. The words of I your precious MOTHER and QUEEN. I do care for you deeply children. MY compassion for you is great. MY love for you is like a rushing river, even wider than an ocean, deep. See ME children as I see you. Embrace ME. Truly love ME. You have this capacity in you. For I have given it to you. To know ELOHIM, to love and to serve HIM. Your HEAVENLY FATHER; there’s none like HE. Draw nigh, draw closer to HIM. Know HIS heart. See it beat for you. Passionate for you MY children. Compassion children. Walk in compassion for yourselves and your FATHER. True leadership I reveal to you. Listen to everything your FATHER YEHOVAH says and you shall do well to obey it.

Yes, praise ye YEHOVAH, MY children. Sing praises to HIS HOLY NAME all ye Earth! PRAISE ye the NAME of YEHOVAH. HALLELU YAH!!! For HE is worthy! HE is all GLORIOUS!!! Give Praises to The GREAT I AM! For the CREATOR of Heaven and Earth has come down unto you o Earth! HOLY and precious is HE! Adore HIM all ye servants of the LORD! Worship HIM all the Earth! The GREAT KING, The only Potentate! The Humble KING, the MIGHTY ONE of Yisrael!!! HALLELU YAH!!

PRAISE HIM all HIS Angels!!! Praise HIM all ye Heavens! PRAISE HIM all ye HIS works!!

End of Word



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