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Prophecy 220 Feed on Your FATHER’S Instruction

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

Given to Prophet אברהם בן עזרא for the Praise, Honour & Glory of ELOHIM (GOD) in Heaven

Received on 16th, 20th August, 2022 in the year of our LORD 5782, 19th, 23rd of Av

Prophetic Message


Yes, the Words of the EVERLASTING ONE are Eternal, supernal. Obey ME and live eternally. For MY Word sustains you. MY Word is Life, LIFE Eternal. Obedience to MY Word, is like eating of it. Yeah, it and goes through your system and becomes part of you, sustaining you. MY love for you is where I AM found. MY mercies abounding abundantly upon you! MY mercies do not ever cease for you MY children. Not for any of you MY precious children.

I sustain you all by MY Righteous Right Hand, MY YESHUA, where MY sincere mercies abound forever more. Cherish ME, MY children, as I cherish you. Feed on ME. Feed on your FATHER’S Instruction. MY Instruction instructs your being, your molecules, your genes, and you are formed and moulded into MY image. You grow into ME. Sewed together, fashioned into MY grand design. Allow ME, MY children, to show you what I have in store for each of you through I, your FATHER, I YEHOVAH ALMIGHTY. I love you MY children, I surely do. Always remember these words.

Sing I, your FATHER, a song. Yes, MY beautiful children. Worship I, THE FATHER, in SPIRIT and in TRUTH, with a repentant heart, eyes, heart and soul focused on I, your wonderful FATHER, YEHOVAH! I fill you with Joy! Yes, with Joy unspeakable! I l love you MY children and I only desire the best for you!

Seek ME early, and I will be found of you. Learn from your FATHER, I, even I, YEHOVAH! Respect and honour go hand in hand. Love, joy and peace are not far behind. Know the footsteps of your FATHER YEHOVAH, and miss them not. I teach you the good way, in which to walk, which way you will teach and show the world to walk in MY children. To end the ways of corruption, the ways and lusts of these worlds. All worlds shall be brought under MY domain, MY control. None shall titter to the left nor to the right, but all shall follow MY way, MY path that I have set.

I AM bringing all things into MY control and none shall escape MY eye. None shall escape MY gaze nor MY Judgments. Learn of ME, MY children, for I desire for you to be by MY side in all this. And indeed you shall. But do learn quickly. I have put MY genetics inside you, that you may overcome, as I did and as I always do. And AM here to teach you and show you, and to share MY love for all Creation with you.

Majesty! Honour! Great riches! Splendour! Glory! Praise! Aren’t all these and more all MINE? Yes, Humility. Humility MY children. Humility is key. In all your getting, get Humility. Be not puffed up. Not in yourselves, in your minds, nor with what I do through you. Only I, YEHOVAH, deserve all the honour, praise and Glory!!! So PRAISE ME MY children! Sing PRAISES to I your Most Wonderful FATHER! For true PRAISE befits the KING!!! THE ALMIGHTY!!!



End of Word



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