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Prophecy 236 Shall Not Peace and Joy Reign?

Given to שלמה בן עזרא for the Praise, Honor and Glory of ELOHIM in Heaven

Received on January 2, 2023 in the year of our MASTER YEHOVAH, 5783

Prophetic Message


Remember MY children, the course of the river floweth in one direction. Shall not peace and joy reign? Be not as the beaver, that seek to block the river flow in hope it can build a habitation in the river. Be as the fish and flow into the sea, saith your ELOHIM.

There is no more an important gift given you than I YEHOVAH and one another as brethren. Cherish your FATHER GOD with all your heart and let the brightness of the morning flood your souls.

The Lord YESHUA Speaks:

I YESHUA your brother, your eldest sibling, learned by MY FATHER YEHOVAH, OUR FATHER, not to harm the bruised reed. The carnal mind will cause harm but I say this as well, when you aim and pursue to fulfill the desire of OUR FATHER to see unity among HIS children, the carnal mind cannot remain. For together you will bear each other up to the heights of glory. There for the sake of the first and second greatest commandments, you will say let your will be done oh YEHOVAH. I was taught by OUR FATHER to do no harm and become one with the HEALER OUR FATHER YEHOVAH is the GREAT PHYSICIAN and I AM one with OUR FATHER.

End of Word

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