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Prophecy 259 There Is None Like YOU Among The GODS, O YEHOVAH!

Given to Prophet אברהם בן עזרא for the Praise, Honor and Glory of ELOHIM in Heaven

Received on 18th August, 2022 on the year of our LORD 5782, 21st of Av & continuation on 19th July, 2023, that is Rosh Chodesh Av, 5783, 1st of Av

Prophetic Message


Yes, write forth MY Words, the Words of the EVERLASTING KING! THE ONLY POTENTATE, I, YEHOVAH! THE ALL GLORIOUS ETERNAL KING! FATHER of All Nations! Of man and ELOHIM! Of Angels and Spirits! Of all Created Beings and Universes! MY creation bows to ME the GREAT and AWESOME I AM!

Yes, sing to ME MY Beloveds! Sing songs of PRAISE to THE GREAT I AM! To your Wonderful and Beloved DAD YEHOVAH! HE is the Anchor to your souls! The most LOVELY, our LORD YEHOVAH is worthy to be PRAISED, WORSHIPPED and ADORED! Who is like HE in the created universes! אין כמוהו בעולם [There is none like HE in the world]! אין כמוך באלים יהוה [There is none like YOU among the GODS, O YEHOVAH]! [19th July, 2023, Rosh Chodesh Av, 5783]

Thy stars O YEHOVAH, cry out to YOU for SALVATION! Yes, they cry out for THY SALVATION O LORD! The stars above, that go out by their numbers, by their orders. Yes, as YOU have ordained them! Yeah, even these they whom YOU know by name! THOU O LORD, has made them all! They cry out for THY Righteousness! Yes, for THY righteousness to shine upon THY Earth! Upon THY wonderful creation mankind upon the Earth! They cry out for THY mercies! Yes, for THY grace that upon mankind in the Earth it may be poured out! For if THOU dost not save, O LORD, who shalt live? For their form is but of dust! But corrupting they have corrupted their way in the Earth; THY Earth, O LORD!

THOU Alone O LORD, dost SAVE! THOU Alone dost Deliver! Deliverance comes from THY Right Hand! Yes, there at THY HOLY THRONE of Grace! Amen. O LORD, YOU have made us to shine THY light upon the Earth! Yes, upon THY righteous and upon the wicked seed in the world! We are witnesses to their evil reins therein! Obstinate have they been. Lusting after their neighbours’ wives have they! In the dark of the night! Yea, under the veil thereof, have they risen up to the bed of their neighbour! Casting the shame thereof aside! And by day, rise they to fill the church peers! Yes, to fill the pulpits with mouths full of THY words! Yes, and even that partly twisted to feed their lust for power, for money, for wealth, for all that this world can give O LORD! They have forgotten the LORD who saved them! They have forgotten the CROSS and the price THY SON paid thereon so HEAVY! Yes, it was a price so HEAVY! Only HE was worthy! Only HE is worthy!

But O LORD they trample underneath their feet the BLOOD of THY HOLY and Righteous SON, YESHUA! They disdain the CROSS and the BLOOD by which they were saved! And because of them are many led astray O LORD! The world is gone awhoring after their ways of corruption. So that there is no health in the bones, in the body, in the soul and the spirits of many languish for lack! Yes, for lack of THY LIVING WATERS! Yes, for lack of THY BREAD! Yes, that BREAD THAT THOU broke and gave as ransom for the world! To heal and to restore! Yes, to satisfy the an-hungering soul that hungereth after righteousness, THY righteousness O LORD YEHOVAH! Amen.

Therefore, are THY judgments right O LORD to fall upon the wicked in the Earth! Yes, in THY wrath remember the wicked and all they have done from Cain to the last man. For they have troubled THY righteous in the Earth all the days! Yes, and they put their hands upon THY HOLY ONE, yes, even YESHUA whom YOU had sent for their sake, yea, for the sake of the whole Earth! The whole world to be saved! Yes, if they would have HIM! Hallelu YAH! How great is THY Mercy O LORD, O THOU CREATOR of Heaven and Earth! How great is THY Majesty, THY Glory! Yes, the Glory and Majesty of THY THRONE lifted high above all else forever! Amen. Hallelu YAH! Amen.

O LORD, WE THANK THEE, that the wicked shall not endure forever more! No he shall not endure long in the Earth! Yes, LORD, YOU have ordained! Yes, LORD YOU have sanctified THY word! But YOU O LORD, YOU shall endure forever! Yes, YOU O LORD YEHOVAH endures forever more! Amen. Glory, glory unto THEE THOU the MOST HIGH GOD! Amen. THY glory will endure to all generations to come! But the glory of the wicked is dust! Yes, it is written in the dust and it is blown away by THY whirlwind! Yes, THY whirlwind of destruction sent straight from THY THRONE lifted High Above! Amen. Their names also are in the dust written! They shall not endure forever! But forgotten by THE righteous shall they be! But the smoke of their torments shall rise up before THEE forever more! Amen.

THOU hast sanctified THY Earth, THY footstool! THOU hast sanctified our eyes! Yes, THOU hast healed us of all that we have beholden take place in the world! Yes, THOU hast shown us utmost compassion! By THY great mercies has THOU healed us, and yea, we say, SAVED us! For THOU O LORD art THE SAVIOUR of all THY creation! Of all CREATION forever! Amen.

End of Word

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