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Prophecy 260 Worship The KING All Ye Children of the Earth!

Given to Prophet אברהם בן עזרא for the Praise, Honor and Glory of ELOHIM in Heaven

Received on 21st August, 2022 on the year of our LORD 5782, 24th of Av

Prophetic Message


O MY Words are precious to the ear to hear! Sweeter than the an honeycomb are they! More precious than gold, yeah, than fine gold of Ophir! O hearken unto I your MOTHER URIYAH this day O worlds! Give ME glory! Worship the FATHER YEHOVAH in SPIRIT and in TRUTH like unto MY children, the 7 spirits. They’re your example O worlds! Hear them! Hearken unto them, obey them in all things for it is I, even MY PRECIOUS BELOVED HUSBAND and I that send them to you.

Behold they bring Redemption! The last Redemption; of their FATHER YEHOVAH! What shall ye do with them O worlds? Yet it is OUR MERCY poured out! For indeed WE desire only to save, to uplift from the pit from whence ye have fallen. Choose life this day and not death! Choose life that ye may live life even more abundantly! The life that OUR SON YESHUA gave O so abundantly only for OUR Glory! Yes, MY HUSBAND and I! Worship HIM for HE deserves and is worthy of all Glory, Honour, riches, splendour, Wisdom, strength and power!

HE lives forever! YEHOVAH is HIS ETERNAL NAME! Give I URIYAH all the Glory! For all Glory goes to MY BELOVED, YEHOVAH is HIS NAME! MY BELOVED KING! Glory in THE FATHER beloved children! Glory in your FATHER YEHOVAH! For HE has done great and mighty things! HE has delivered mightily even in ways ye now know not! Yet humbly HE sits by you all HIS children, watching you, loving you! O how Precious YOU are MY BELOVED! O how Wonderful!!! How Majestic! Incomparable in form, body and awe to all!!! MY CREATOR, MY KING! How Glorious THOU art in THY KINGLY ROBE, in THY MAJESTY upon THY GLORIOUS and HIGH THRONE Above!!! GLORY! GLORY! GLORY!!! Worship the KING all ye children of the Earth! For the KING has come down unto thee in great HUMILITY!!! Marvel at the KING in HIS majesty!!!


Who is like YOU O YEHOVAH MY BELOVED!!! Who can compare unto YOUR Beauty? Truly None! YOUR mercies endure forever! YOUR Faithfulness reaches unto the Heavens and beyond! LOVE is enthroned on HIGH Beloved children, and it is your BELOVED DADDY YEHOVAH! How Amazing HE is MY children! Behold the Beauty of the KING!! Can it be described? How shall I describe MY BELOVED, STATELY, MAJESTIC, and Beautifier of All? Love ME MY children and cherish ME in all MY ways!

End of Word

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