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Prophecy 252 I YESHUA by MY FATHER YEHOVAH's command

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

Given to Prophet שלמה בן עזרא for the Praise, Honor and Glory of ELOHIM in Heaven

Received on April 4, 2023 in the year of our LORD, 5783

Prophetic Message



I YEHOVAH gave the animals long tongues that they should use their tongue freely and I took away their speech. Some have little teeth and some have many, sharp and piercing for the bars of their mouth are meant to bring forth death. I took the power of the tongue away from them, so that by it they would have no power over mankind.

But you oh man, I have set bars of teeth like that of a jail cell to contain the tongue that with carefulness one should open the mouth. Think it not small to argue because blood is spilled when you do, whether with the tongue of the mind or the lips.

Let I YEHOVAH guide and with patience speak that you sin not. This is especially for the body of MY SON YESHUA. How glorious it is to dwell always in unity, and where there is unity of mind, the tongue is brought under MY rule and authority.


Greater is your YEHOVAH in you than anything that is in this world, outside this world and coming to this world, saith I YESHUA. I YESHUA by MY FATHER YEHOVAH's command, Our FATHER, train all of you MY brethren in righteousness. The day is coming when they will say "don't we know these?"

"We knew their mother and father, brother and sister, wherefore did they gain this power over the world? Where did they gain this power of life within their tongue? Where did they gain this power to work these works, and to perform these miracles? Where did they gain this authority?"

They will ask, but it is all because of YOU Oh GREAT and MIGHTY FATHER YEHOVAH. It has always been because of YOU, and YOU will be high and lifted up. Lover of MY soul, sustainer of all, the healer and restorer of souls.

This Pesach keep in the forefront of your minds the price that Our FATHER YEHOVAH and I YESHUA HIS SON have paid to bring you freedom, oh precious star called Earth. For you shine brightly to the other stars, and the inhabitants therein.

This is the time of remembering how because of HIS price for all creation and the price I YESHUA paid with MY blood for you, MY people, each shall inherit life, eternal life. With praise and continual thanks, remember those wept for ME though they knew ME not but that I was a righteous man, righteous through MY FATHER YEHOVAH. Remember Simon who helped ME when it was too hard to bear MY cross.

Remember all those who obeyed and applied the blood of the lamb on their doorpost during the plagues of Egypt. Why to remember? MY FATHER YEHOVAH commanded ME not to simply lay MY life down as a lamb before the High priest but to break bread, for others to partake, to eat and drink, to believe in ME in remembrance, and WE together remember Our FATHER YEHOVAH. What you do for one another, you do for ME, I YESHUA and unto Our FATHER YEHOVAH.

End of Word



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