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Prophecy 268 Seek Every Step from Your FATHER YEHOVAH

Given to Prophet אברהם בן עזרא for the Praise, Honor and Glory of ELOHIM in Heaven

Received on 23-24th August, 2022 on the year of our LORD 5782, 26-27th of Av, 5783

Prophetic Message


Yes, MY son, what is it that I desire to speak forth? Words of life do always come forth from MY lips. To nourish and enrich your bones unto eternity. Your FATHER has appointed ME to you and it is a duty I lovingly take. To care for you and for all your needs. What mother does not delight in the growth of her children? I do! And that with joy.

Take care MY children in whatever you do, that you do with joy as unto the LORD, your FATHER YEHOVAH. HE deserves the best. For HE has made the best and HE will get the best out of you MY children. Prepare your hearts before HIM daily. Hearts full of thanksgiving and praise! Is this not all the way of Heaven before your FATHER YEHOVAH, THE HOLY ONE, BLESSED is HE? Yes, MY children, and more.

Establish YEHOVAH’S Order on Earth as it is in Heaven. Let the Earth know the beauty and glory of the MOST HIGH, האל עליון [The EL ELYON – MOST HIGH]!

Yes, MY children, seek every step from your FATHER YEHOVAH. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Courage in everything. Courage in every step with YEHOVAH with you. MY HUSBAND, what a beautiful face YOU have. One of Holiness. Behold the face of your FATHER MY children; a gaze that is always set upon you for good and not for evil. A loving FATHER is HE, watching over HIS little lambs.

Do not stray MY children either to the left or to the right. Grieve not your FATHER nor HIS RUACH. Stay calm and focus upon HIS beauty. Focus upon HIS instruction, HIS order; for therein lies the beauty of all things. HE is Majestic and in HIS Majestic WISDOM HE fashioned all things for a purpose.

Come, quickly, hide underneath the shelter of HIS wings and therein be ye stayed forever. Hide in HIS waterfall of LOVE, of the LIVING WATERS. Be refreshed of HIS drink daily. You are the gemstones of HIS heart. The treasure chest of HIS heart. A great marvel HE has hid in you for all creation to marvel at. And in time, it shall be revealed. Great mysteries they are.

End of Word

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