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Prophecy 27 “Urgent Warning - Beware of Planet Marinenaria! Pray for Protection!”

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

Given to Prophets חנוך בן עזרא for the Praise, Honor & Glory of ELOHIM (GOD) in Heaven

Written on April 2, 2019

Prophetic Message

Marshall the forces! This is an emergency! Broadcast the message far and wide!

Marinenaria! Marinenaria* seeks an entry, heads the mission! They seek to start Galactica now! The war to end all wars!

Head them off at the pass! Raise your rods! Allow ME, I, YEHOVAH, to use the simple things, like your prayers, to confound those wise in their own eyes! Allow ME, yes, to them surprise! Hearken and obey, MY Children, and fall in line. Get in your ranks. This is not a drill!

The evil ones know their time is short, so short. So they seek to light the fireworks (I discerned this had something to do with a bomb but could also apply to other things). But I will not allow them if you will but pray, if you will but march around Jericho.

Seek MY Face, I, YEHOVAH, and ye shall know the truth [of your destiny]. Whom the SON sets free is free indeed (John 8:31-36). Stargazer births – supernova explosion! Force ten times greater than the sun!

Walk by faith and not by sight, for this will activate the nuclear power within! Dampen not the SPIRIT of the MOST HIGH! Grieve HER not, for SHE will not always strive with man, especially now in this end of the End Times, for so many examples have been given of what not to do (2 Peter 2:6). Don't follow in the footsteps down the path of rebellion, for the end thereof is death and separation from ME, I, YEHOVAH.

Oh, MY Children, hide yourselves for yet a little while longer until MY wrath and MY rage, MY fury against the wicked in this present age, passeth over. All of you, celebrate the Passover with ME and forsake not the Unleavened Bread! Get the yeast of the pharisees out of your lives! Let it not be found in thee in the time of MY visitation, when I walk the crooked path now made straight.

Lift ye up, oh lift up the stumbling block out of the path of MY Children! Make haste and remove the stone of offense, the idol of iniquity that causeth the hardening of one's heart. Present not yourself before any idol. Make not your boast in that which profiteth not, in that which destroyeth the soul.

When MY rage and MY fury pass over, I shall tell thee when to come out, when to come out of your Ark. As it was in the days of Noah, so too shall it be in these end times. He did not immediately depart from his Ark once the waters dissipated. He waited for ME, I YEHOVAH, to speak, to give him a sign. It is no different now. Though it may appear the coast is clear, as you say, that does not mean it is right for you to come out of hiding. Remember, the devil prowls about like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour, seeking whose faith he may conquer. So watch out and beware!

Seek ME with all you've got. Seek ME with all your might, MY fair and beloved ones, for your DADDY does not want you to get hurt. Only go where the anointing is leading, is drawing you. Test the spirit that speaks and believe not every spirit. Though the voice may come with soft answers and pleasant words of smooth oil, that does not mean it is of ME, your YESHUA HAMASHIACH. Even the devil and his ministers can come speaking words, giving messages that sound right and true, but test the spirit and test the fruit.

You will always find they don't line up with MY Holy Word. You will always discover why the stench of sin accompanies these doctrines that have the appearance of being true but are not. They and the ones that teach them have a form of Godliness but no Godliness within. Hypocrisy! Hypocrites! And no wonder, for satan transforms himself into an angel of light, as do his ministers, so beware! I warn now, MY Children, as I have throughout all the ages since the beginning of time. I warn so you will not perish for lack of knowledge.

Lean on to ME and forsake not your high callings. Forsake not your destinies for the temporary and fleeting pleasures of the sin of this age. Will you really sell ME out for the sin of masturbation, for the lust of the flesh? Will you forfeit your soul for one night of fornication, for fornicating in your thoughts with a woman, with a man? How sad some of you treat your souls as worthless garbage and trash. I have such good plans for you, but you refuse, you deny, you would rather have it your way. So I will send you on your way and it does not lead to life but destruction, pain, and misery – outer darkness where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth!

Why do I warn of these sins in the midst of a Prophetic Warning about an exceedingly sinful and wicked realm of the devil, the planet called “Marinenaria”? It is because this realm of Jezebel and all that is unholy contrives these sins against thee. Listen not to their voice of rebellion. This planet is a realm of iniquity, a sea world made of oceans and dark depths. This planet of water is like unto Atlantis of Old. Yes, Atlantis existed, until I sank it beneath the ocean depths of Earth. Above the surface it no longer exists. But I tell you a secret. In secret they have rebuilt, reformed beneath the surface waters as they seek to hide from the face of I, YEHOVAH. But their end shall be with fire and with devastation, as I take vengeance and leave them no root or seed of inheritance!

Seek ME, MY Children, and I will guide thee. I AM is your Guiding LIGHT and ROCK of Ages, your Eternal Abode of SAFETY and TRUTH. Look not upon and desire not the inventions of this detestable planet Marinenaria. Pray for your protection. Pray I hide you in Psalm 91. Abide in MY secret place. Call. upon MY NAME “YEHOVAH” in the NAME of YESHUA HAMASHIACH.”

Do not ever forsake MY Word, MY Children. Don't do this. I shall deliver you. Trust in ME with no doubt; not even a single grain should be found within thee. Isn't MY grace sufficient enough to carry you through these End Times? Yes, it is. It grieves ME when you doubt. It saddens MY heart. Repent this day for doubting. Seek ME and I shall show you where, if you have. I love you MY Children and give you hope. The GREAT “I AM” never gives a Message and leaves you with no hope. Abide in ME and I shall abide in you. Selah.

End of the Word



1. "Marinenaria" -- The LORD showed us that Marinenaria is an evil planet inhabited by marine spirits and creatures. Nibiru is also an evil planet and one among many belonging to satan.

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