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Prophecy 269 Listen to Your MOTHER’S Words and Abide Therein in Your FATHER

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

Given to Prophet אברהם בן עזרא for the Praise, Honor and Glory of ELOHIM in Heaven

Received on 2nd September, 2022 on the year of our LORD 5782, 6th of Elul

Prophetic Message


Yes, MY children, I am excited when you’re for MY glory excited! In the care of the loving arms of your PRECIOUS MOTHER, I URIYAH, I cuddle and soothe your fears. I know just the right medicine for each of you MY precious children. I nurse you and restore you to the right state of mind; the order of your FATHER I, YEHOVAH, THE HOLY ONE BLESSED is HE. Together, WE nurture you in the way you should go.

The way of Holiness, discipline and strict obedience to all your FATHER’S ways and commands. To live life to the fullest! WE are truly Loving PARENTS, like none other in the whole wide created cosmos. And it’s OUR Beloved children WE care for and focus on to bring to maturity, to wean you out of babyhood.

The whole creation awaits your glorious return OUR precious children, your triumphant entry; to behold the work WE wrought in secret. The secret wonder, a mighty wonder! Beautiful it shall be! Fail US not our precious children, and indeed, you shall not. Therefore, only stay focused on your FATHER’S commands, HIS instruction always. And you will never go wrong! You will never miss a step! Is there a road too steep? A road to narrow? One riddled with mighty quagmires, thickets and obstacles? Ye shall overcome it all as if it were but a whisper. Yes, that and more, but only in YEHOVAH’S and YESHUA’S MIGHTY NAMES. Only under your FATHER’S Instruction.

Listen to your MOTHER’S Words and abide therein in your FATHER, MY precious children. HE is the gift I have given to your souls. Wherein is always rest, rest and comfort from all cares and whispers. MY love for you changes you MY children, it transforms you more and more into the image of your BELOVED DADDY YEHOVAH. Chisels you, shapes you, moulds you to HIS liking. For it is shape up or ship out! Therefore, hearken unto the voice of your PRECIOUS MOTHER, I URIYAH and shape up all of you MY children.

End of Word



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