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Prophecy 272 Be Consumed with Zeal for I YEHOVAH

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

Given to Prophet אברהם בן עזרא for the Praise, Honor and Glory of ELOHIM in Heaven

Received on 6th September, 2022 on the year of our LORD 5782, 10th of Elul

Prophetic Message


Sustenance only comes through your Beloved DADDY YEHOVAH. HIS love endures all. It’s because of HIS love ye are kept alive MY children. HIS love and mercy encompasseth all. You are sustained through your love for HIM. The love HE has planted in you for HIMSELF. All things go and come back to YEHOVAH the ORIGINATOR of all things GOOD, all things Righteous!

In HIM is light and in HIM is no darkness at all. Children, listen to the words of your FATHER, love always, endure all things and the victor’s crown you shall wear. Weary yourselves not with many things but focus yourselves upon the task at hand. Take all to I, YEHOVAH in prayer and I AM faithful to answer. I love you MY children and only desire the best for you. for the plans I have for you are yea for good and nay not for evil. I have paved the path before you with beauty for ashes, a garment of praise for the gown of sorrow.

The love of THE FATHER. What is there like the love of the FATHER? What can be compared to it? Yet, MY children, with you, you have it more abundantly. HIS mercy and grace washing over you daily. Cleave to your FATHER for there’s none other like HE. Know HIM and HIS ways. And be known by HIM. For it is a blessing to be known by your FATHER.

Testing shall always come MY beloved children, but fear not. It’s to test your love, your resilience, your faithfulness. It’s so your love burns hotter for your ELOHIM YEHOVAH. It’s so you stay always close to your FATHER the fountain of all things good. It’s to prove your faithfulness beloved children. And indeed you are faithful.

Embrace Holiness, embrace righteousness. Be simple. Stay hot, not lukewarm. Let the fire of MY love consume you. Be consumed with zeal for I, YEHOVAH אלוהיך [ELOHECHA – your GOD] like MY PRECIOUS EXALTED SON YESHUA. Times are changing, but stay ye as THE EVERLASTING ROCK. Be moved not, be changed not with every season, with every rising and falling tide. Be not as the waves of the sea, tossed up and about. Be ye as the LIVING WATERS of MY METATRON. Love always, endure all things and ye shall be blessed eternally.

End of Word



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