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Prophecy 30 “The Stench of America Has Reached Heaven!”

Updated: Apr 24

Given to Prophet שלמה בן עזרא for the Praise, Honor & Glory of ELOHIM (GOD) in Heaven

Written on April 12, 2019

Prophetic Message

I have much to say! I have much to say. For did I not say – the stench has reached Heaven, the stench of America, the stench of all the nations of this world, from sea to sea! These wicked lands, I despise thee! You do not notice ME.

Did I not say, you shall see the SON of Adam riding on the clouds of Heaven? Why? To bring judgment and consuming wrath! None of you know – this generation, whether they are rich or poor – you do not comprehend the war. It’s more than a video game. It’s more than that which you read in the news. Even when you hear about wars, neighboring nations, America continues to remain in the illusion. And many of the nations of this world.

Totally blind, no concept of reality. They do not even believe in a war. Therefore they are totally blind to the war coming from Heaven. Except MY few around the world, who have MY heart, the heart of I, YEHOVAH. You shall live, I shall take you, or I shall protect you.

And I have some, for although I love them, they will have to suffer because of disobedience. Are they listening to MY Prophet? Are they listening to MY Messenger? So I send you!

I send you as a standard against the evil. They really believe that they shall come in like a flood and overwhelm the world. They think they'll come in like a flood and tear down the gates of Heaven. Foolish, foolish men, foolish women! I’ve already risen upon a standard.

And the world shall recognize who are the Children of Almighty GOD! They shall realize, the wind shall realize, the land! Yes – the wind has a voice, the land has a voice, water has a voice, lightning has a voice – shall praise thee! To the Glory of I, ABBA YEHOVAH, to the Glory of MY SON YESHUA, and MY precious SPIRIT, to the glory of YEHOVAH!

So very, very soon, all that the world has sown, they also shall reap. Those who mourn now shall rejoice later. Those who rejoice now, they shall mourn later.

They took not the warning seriously of the 3 Days of Darkness coming. [They are] Very slow to hearken to the voice of MY Prophets, so I shall be slow to answer their prayers. But I shall be quick to convict the world of its unrighteousness and the churches calling many to repentance.

What more do I have to say to America? What more do I have to say? For I have gone to all extremes for this nation to breathe its last breath. What more shall I say? Judgment is coming! Judgment is already here!

End of the Word



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