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Prophecy 367 Give Glory to YEHOVAH in the Heights Above

Given to Prophet אברהם בן עזרא for the Praise, Honor and Glory of ELOHIM in Heaven

Received on October 15-16, 2022 in the year of our MASTER YEHOVAH, and HIS SON YESHUA, 20-21 Tishrei, 5783

Prophetic Message


Give Glory to YEHOVAH in the Heights Above! PRAISE HIM all ye Heavenly Hosts! For HE is GREAT and GREATLY to be PRAISED! WE worship YEHOVAH in the Heights Above. In the celestial realms above, HE is Magnified and Glorified! HE is celebrated for HIS manifold Wisdom; for HIS matchless Counsel to draw and to deliver souls of Heavenly Beings and thereupon also, earthly beings. For HIS Mercy and Grace, HE is Worshipped and Adored. HE is a Great KING!

YEHOVAH is a GREAT KING! The GREATEST KING! HIS mysteries are unfathomable, undiscoverable lest only HE disclose! Who can endure before HIM? If HE does not call you, or draw you nigh unto HIM? Who can behold HIS FACE? Children, adore the FATHER with worship and praise this day, for HE is GREAT and GREATLY to be PRAISED! HALLELU YAH!! הללו יהוה בהר קודשו [Hallelu - Praise YEHOVAH in HIS Holy Mountain]! הללו יהוה בגבורותיו [Hallelu - Praise YEHOVAH for HIS Mighty acts]! PRAISE YEHOVAH in HIS Heights Above!

I rejoice in all of you, MY children! I rejoice in all the work I, your FATHER, YEHOVAH, do in each and every one of you! You are MY darling gems. Wholly cherished. You are a treasure like none other. And I continue to mould and shape you into MY likeness, into the likeness of MY SON YESHUA משיחך [your MASHIACH].

WE ride together to victory beloved children. Hand in hand. By Trust you began the journey, and by Trust you continue on the journey to the very end! And yes, even beyond! For in YEHOVAH, it never stops! Trust and adoration are key. Trusting and adoring your BELOVED FATHER YEHOVAH, ONE and the same.

HE is the overcoming Power of all. And all who come to HIM, do it by Trust and do stay in HIM by trust. Overcoming feats unimaginable is only through your BELOVED FATHER YEHOVAH, ONE and the same.

A Homecoming awaits you, MY children. I cannot wait to present thee to Our PARENTS and ELOHIM, YEHOVAH and URIYAH Our IMMA! And thus, I prepare you MY children. I, YESHUA, prepare a gift for THE FATHER, YEHOVAH and for the MOTHER, URIYAH! Stay close to ME. Stay in ME and all shall be well with you, MY lovely doves. I do cherish you so much MY beloveds. I love and adore each and every time – every second that I spend with you. I hide you under the shelter of MY wings even the FATHER’S wings. HE covers over you with HIS feathers. How HIS one feather is sufficient to cover over you all HIS precious children! HIS precious gemstones!

I care for each and every tear. For your toil, I rejoice in. As you bend yourselves more and more to the will of the FATHER YEHOVAH and walk in HIS Order. MY PARENTS are delighted each and every day with your progress. Don’t stay stagnant – yes, I don’t even allow you to, even if you try!

End of Word



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