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Prophecy 44 “Israel, Be Prepared To Walk In the Full Curses of Deuteronomy 28 Until You Repent!”

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

Given to TORAH KEEPER for the Praise, Honor & Glory of ELOHIM (GOD) in Heaven

Written on June 21, 2019

Prophetic Message

Learn Hebrew, speak MY Scriptures in Hebrew! More power in the Words. Do not, I, YESHUA, say I am the Living Torah?

Oh Israel, I weep for you! I travail, oh Israel! I am YESHUA! I am the only MASHIACH! How dare you fill your streets with gay pride parades?! How dare you, oh Israel?! Profane MY Name! I, YEHOVAH's! You not only forsake the living Torah, you forsake I, YEHOVAH! You profane MY Name! Judgment truly starts at the house of I YEHOVAH!

And I sent Moshe to Pharaoh and to the Egyptians, and the Egyptians I put you in remembrance of. Those two could perform miracles also. Have you learned nothing, oh Israel?! False signs and wonders! You wicked and perverse generation.

The only sign that you shall see was Jonah in the belly of the whale – so too the SON of YEHOVAH shall be in the belly of the earth – for 3 days and 3 nights, oh Israel! And I did die and I took the keys of death, Hell, and the grave and I let all of Hell know – I spoke to hasatan and I said, “MY Blood covers them! You lost satan!”

Is that enough for you, oh Israel, or should I demonstrate the plagues of Moshe again?! You learned nothing in the desert! You walked around 40 years complaining, murmuring and grumbling! It’s all I heard. Your words rang in MY ears day and night until I had the ground open up and swallowed all of those who grumbled against ME. So too it is the same with you, oh Israel! Grumblers! Complainers! What is good enough for you oh Israel!?

You want another MASHIACH? Well another MASHIACH you will get! Until you repent and realize I am the only MASHIACH. I, YESHUA, came to save you, oh Israel! And I have MY Sheep and Lambs in Israel.

MY Bride is even in Lebanon. MY Bride is spread out all over the world. Some are in underground homes; persecution from communist governments worldwide. Christians are being slaughtered everywhere. And where are the prayers for Israel?! For, MY true Children, I tell you this – it is not enough!

Oh Israel, I, YESHUA, say: enough is enough! Where is your repentance!? I am the Torah made flesh! You speak of Torah, it is in your synagogues and you proclaim even from the housetops, but I tell you this – it is not written on your hearts, not anymore.

For I, YEHOVAH, speak forth, I sent MY Only Begotten SON. I sent HIM to you! And I prepared MY Messenger, John the Baptist, Yochannan – whom the [spirit of the] Pharisees murdered, beheaded. What Prophets did you not stone before MY SON YESHUA? Isaiah sawn in half! And if you didn’t kill them physically, you butchered them spiritually! You snakes and vipers!

Oh, I’m judging the Pharisees! I’m coming to the synagogues! And I’m pulling the beards straight from your face! I, YEHOVAH, am not playing games! I shall send MY true Prophets to warn you. I will send MY Two Witnesses to Jerusalem’s Wailing Wall! They shall stand before you proclaiming MY judgments, proclaiming plagues! Darkness shall sweep over the earth like in the days of Moshe, but worse! Worse, oh Israel! I tell you it is much worse! You better shake and tremble and fear! For behold, MY Two Witnesses are already here! And each of them shall stand before you on that Wailing Wall which you love to weep on!

Symbolic of I, YEHOVAH's, tears of your blasphemy against ME, of your rejection of MY SON YESHUA! On the very soil that you stand and weep on, HE shed HIS Blood for you! HIS Blood is drenched in that soil, oh Israel!

And I, YESHUA, speak forth! The Garments, MY Garments they stripped from ME. They pierced ME with the crown of thorns! MY plagues of Moshe are upon you, oh Israel! I tell you this, I’ve already been in that belly of the whale as I have told you already and I’ve sent the Messianic Jews to your temples, to your synagogues to warn you. You kick them out and stone MY Messengers. But this time, when I send MY Two Anointed Ones, you’d better receive them, oh Israel! You’d better shake and tremble! For this time, I shall show forth no mercy until there is repentance. I shall burn your streets.

Let us have a chat, Netanyahu. I, YESHUA, shall have the last laugh – I promise you. Be assured that I am GOD that keeps MY every Word, for I cannot lie, and I am not a man of foolishness! You mock ME Netanyahu behind close doors! Your family mocks ME too! As you usher in the antichrist, the antimashiach! You make deals and contracts with Palestinian leaders. You compromise! China holds a dagger behind their backs at you, oh Israel. Netanyahu, for your false peace treaties, I am going to smash you! For you give away land that I have not give you permission to do so. It’s not your land to give away anyway! Read MY Torah! That is MY land! And you shall pay Netanyahu. I, YEHOVAH, say, mark this day on your calendar Netanyahu. This is a countdown of your destruction, this is a countdown to your demise! I am sending MY Two Witnesses with fire in their eyes to destroy you personally.

And you, Israel and Jerusalem, unless you repent, until you do so – for judgment starts at MY House, of I, YEHOVAH – you will only know – and this is part of the oath that I made with Abraham – and I told you in my Torah: if you depart from ME, you shall walk in the curses of Deuteronomy 28! You should have learned by now – every time I see you’ve rebelled against ME, your walls were besieged. For you committed treason against ME and broke every oath, broken every promise made to I AM! I remind you when you stood before ME by the mountain and when you said, “Yes YEHOVAH, we will obey every Law! Yes YEHOVAH, I will follow YOUR Laws!” (Ex.19:8, Deut. 5:27)

And I said, conditionally, “If you follow MY Laws and, if you keep MY Statues and if you follow MY Commandments, all shall be well with you, but if you do not, behold these are the curses you shall wear like second skin...” And now behold, oh Israel, for your enemies shall breech your walls again, but this time, it shall be almost for your destruction. But I shall not allow it, because I know what your end is. When you cry out to ME in repentance, I shall hear you, but oh Israel, until then I cannot hear you.

Until then, the antimashiach comes to deceive you and you shall fall right into his enchantments, right into his spell. As a spider puts its prey in its web, so you too fall into the traps of the antimashiach. He will try to eat you alive, oh Israel! One Commandment he shall strip away after the other, until there’s no freedoms at all. I warned you! I YEHOVAH warned you!

So be prepared oh Israel, get ready, to walk in the full curses of Deuteronomy 28. For behold! I release them tonight through the mouth of Moshe.

End of the part 1 of the Word



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