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Prophecy 78 Coronavirus is Elementary School Compared to What’s Coming Next!

Given to TORAH KEEPER for the Praise, Honor & Glory of ELOHIM (GOD) in Heaven

Written on April 10, 2020

I was hearing GOD say “darkness, darkness, darkness.”

Prophetic Message

Oh America, I warned you as in the days of Moshe as you eat of the 8th plague, and as the Locusts devour your crops and as the Coronavirus spreads as a plague. (Exodus 7:25-8:15) Oh, the Locusts bring the 8th plague in a great, mighty, and destructive way! You think you’ve seen destruction yet!? Just wait for the plague of the locusts! You’ve seen nothing yet oh China! You’ve seen nothing yet oh America! Oh Indonesia you’re next! Enter into the holy of holies, MY people. (Hebrews 9:1-28) Rise up MY son. I AM the ultimate disburser of the jewels! I hold the children in MY arms in MY lap (in heaven) and I teach them day by day. I take MY time with the children. For MY heart is compassion. MY heart is mercy. (Psalm 116:5) I am a reflection of the FATHER manifested in this form.

[Vision: And I see a vision of a house and I see a vision of waves coming to the doorstep of the house and then I see a tsunami wave coming to plunder the house.]

If you’re not built on the solid rock and I mean MY beloved YESHUA, you shall fall like a swamp hole into sinking sand you shall go. (Matthew 7:24-27) Torment shall befall each of your souls in hell fire. For behold I AM YEHOVAH! THE FATHER manifested with YESHUA as ONE! For you are in the end times, and times are changing, and times are rearranging. WE are the same GOD of yesterday, today, and forever yes, and salvation is only found through MY Name, I YESHUA (Romans 9:9-10) and through MY blood yes, but if you refuse the revelation be prepared for you shall also reject I YESHUA! FOR I AND YEHOVAH are ONE! (John 13:20) And this is how I test your heart in this. You see it’s all a test MY darling children around this world. I’M talking to you oh Earth! And Indonesia! If you refuse... if you refuse ME, I YESHUA and YEHOVAH, you shall eat of the 8th plague, and believe ME, the pestilence that you see now is NOTHING compared to what’s coming! I shall release the mother of the locusts. (See the book of Job about the Plague of the Locusts.) She shall ascend from the bottomless pit. And when she shall come forth out of her mouth shall come the 8th plague. All of you nations get ready! For fear shall wipe and slay the hearts of many. You think the Coronavirus was bad!? This is as a preschool, toddler school! I AM YEHOVAH and I am NOT playing games with you oh foolish Earth! You humans, puny Earth, know ye not that I YEHOVAH can flick MY finger? I’M removing you from the axles. Removing you from the memory of ages. You have tested ME for so long oh earth! Where is the repentance?! (2 Chronicles 7:14) Where have the kings gone for repentance as in the days of Jonah?! Where are you oh Earth!? I am angry! And as smoke ascends from MY throne room from MY nostrils! Eat of the 8th plague! I’M done with you oh Earth, I’M finished, I’M through! But oh MY children I have not forgotten you! Comfort I YEHOVAH’S heart! Do not forget ME. Even as you suffer, do not forget ME! Remember ME when you eat, when you fast, when you drink. Do not forget ME oh Earth! You have forgotten ME! Can a woman forget her child and not have compassion on the son of her womb?! And they surely have forgotten ME but I have not forgotten you oh Earth! (Isaiah 49:15) MY SON shed HIS blood for you! I’VE washed you in the living waters! I birthed you from the waters! (Matthew 10:40-42) I grieve MY children! Oh I have not forgotten you oh earth! I have not forgotten you! I love you! I still love you! I still love you! I am YEHOVAH! AND IN MY rage that boils hotter than the sun, oh Earth! IT’S coming upon you and ascending upon you the 8th plague reserved straight from MY throne room stirred up in the bowl of judgment, MELEKH-TZIDEK! HE is here! MELEKH-TZIDEK is showing you what it will be like to stir up - when you stir up MY rage! (Psalm 110:4) Oh New York get ready a tsunami is coming to your shores! And all who are not affected by the Coronavirus shall not survive! Only a few very small remnant shall not be destroyed and shall survive. I am not playing games with you oh Earth! The volcanoes shall blast! A volcano shall erupt! Oh Hawaii, Indonesia, get ready, get ready, the boils, the plague, the boils, the boils.

End of word.

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