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Prophecy 79 Beware of the 8th Plague of the Locusts Oh India and America!

Updated: Aug 1

Given to TORAH KEEPER for the Praise, Honor & Glory of ELOHIM (GOD) in Heaven

Written on March 9, 2020

ABBA YEHOVAH spoke to me and said:

“A great storm is coming."

As I saw HIM in a vision on HIS throne, I saw smoke ascending from the bottom of the throne while HE was speaking to ME and saying this in the vision. HE said,

"A great storm is coming, one such as never seen before to India.” I asked ABBA YEHOVAH what kind of storm is coming to India? HE spoke to me again and this word came forth:

Prophetic Message

No rain, 8th plague. Locusts hovering over the skies. I shall seal the skies in India. The locusts shall devour you oh India! So be not at ease! For plagues shall come nigh thy dwelling to bring devastation to the land. The locusts shall swallow you alive oh America! Be prepared for the days ahead MY children! Hide in the ark of safety. Acknowledge ME and let ME direct thy path. I’VE hidden you in METATRON, if you truly belong to ME. You will hide under the shadow of MY wings, MY Archangel METATRON of glory resides over America and the world. Get under the safety of those wings (Psalm 91) and be disturbed not at the pestilence at sea, but trust in ME to hide thee and protect thee from the plague of the locusts. Oh India, oh India, great hinderance shall occur! Your nation has no backbone! I shall break the spine of India! I shall saw her in two just as you’ve done at MY word. And now oh India, I slay you! Fallen, fallen, oh Mighty nation of Babylon! (Revelation 18:2) Come crumbling down to never rise again! Behemoth! Lukewarm! I spew you forth as venom away from MY lips! For your poison and your treachery you shall taste of the first born death. I shall strike you India in a matter of days with MY 8th plague. Be wise as serpents and innocent as the dove and get in the ark of safety of METATRON- ALL MY children of glory in India. Be still and know that I am GOD! (Psalm 46:10) God of the lukewarm Ashteroth! I shall break down her pillars! (Deuteronomy 12:3) I shall lay waste the desert lands of Assyria- shall be prevalent all over the world. (Isaiah 37:18) Be not as the Assyrians, oh world! America has become like unto Syria! Her boils and plagues are infectious diseases oozing forth the venom of her hypocrisy and sin. Oh America, I hate thee now as what is thine is no longer MINE! So I plague you as in the days of Moshe with MY curses of Deuteronomy 28 and even more to come. For pride has swallowed the nations! So wallow and cry oh America! For your hour of doomsday is here! Do not fear MY little ones! I YEHOVAH say, Shhh do not fear I comfort thy soul. (Isaiah 43:1) Hide yourselves for just a little while more as MY wrath passes over the world. Be prepared for the marine world has not and does not rest. Just be quick to get the work done MY babies, bride, chosen ones and elect need warning! I stop the storm and the 8th plague not until MY wrath is appeased. I YEHOVAH shall take vengeance on you oh America! In only a matter of days- in 1 hour I shall wipe you off the map and mark you as the nation of the desolate. (Revelation 18:2) (I see a vision of smoke ascending in the holy of holies.) The economy of America shall collapse. (See a vision of oil lamps maybe 4 -5 coming down from heaven) and they are filled with MY oil of anger! Get ready to taste of MY wrath oh world! MY 2 witnesses are already here! (Revelation 11:1-14) They are coming for you to smite you on your borders and plague you in your streets until you finally bend your knees to ME! I am YEHOVAH and I have a witness! I shall gem and jewel them in glorification before they return to planet Earth and through them to this nation I AM doing a rebirth! New age doctrine, scientology, mormon, shaman, aliens, evil watchers, marines, witches, warlocks, satanists, Syrians, be aware of this and you can be assured, when MY ark of safety returns and HIS name is METATRON, HE shall devour you oh world, oh Earth! And when HE blows it shall create a torrential out pour of MY rage to the Nations! (Revelation 11:4-6) I’M sending the 8th plague, I’M opening the seals! (Revelation 5) For destruction has come oh America! So prepare your meals, prepare your water, for MY true children the ride is going to get bumpy. The Star Gazers are here. They shall spurn forth and strike you with the 8th plague, all plagues, infirmity, disease until you finally bend your knee to ME, the Great GOD I AM YEHOVAH ELOHIM! Pray to ME oh Hindus! (And to the Muslims) Turn from Islam and turn away from allah! Turn to Jehovah, the truth oh Jehovah’s Witnesses! I YEHOVAH shall smash you for changing MY word, rearranging MY word! Be as a lioness focus on ME! Focus on ME for I have many things that I am going to show you today. (I see a vision of an elephant with water in its trunk.) Oh America, be prepared! For your cistern of living waters from heaven is beginning to close. The avalanches shall fall in Alaska and the polar shift will occur. Many nations will reap havoc, will reap what they have sown. As I said before MY children, the stock market shall very soon collapse in America. Be prepared, get yourselves ready.

End of word.

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