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Psalm 20 Psalm of Guiding Light

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Psalm 20 of Hannah Inspired by the Holy Spirit RUACH HAKODESH

Powerful Ruler

Sovereign King

Prince of Peace

Guiding Light

Path of Wonderful Counselor

Guides your feet

O come to ME

O weary hearted

Lay your burden down

At MY feet

O lay your burden down

Let MY YAHUSHUA carry your feet

Let us fly through trials and troubles

This world filled with sorrow

But in I MY embrace forever will be peace

Guiding light guides your feet

O path of forever fragrance

Path of Almighty

Sorrowful truth

Will no more bear your fate

Because I bear your painful stake

At the cross the curses broken

Rules of Kingdom of darkness broken

Due to MY painful sorrow cheerful love

I died for your presence

So you could appear before MY Father's court

Joyful Savior is MY Name

I died as speechless lamb

I shut MY mouth from ungodly words

Learn of MY presence

Learn of MY statues

in Biblical truth I do speak

All of ME

All about Me

Wonderful Counselor is MY Name

Name of wonderful Names


Is MY Name

Name of all Names

Name above all Names

MY Father lifts ME up

MY Mother lifts ME up

For I bear THEIR witnesses

Watchful eye of ages

Guiding light

Path of shining in the darkness

Guiding light

Powerful Savior

I deserve praise

I deserve worship

I deserve your love

Your love sweeter than honey

Sweeter than fragrance

Kisses of lips

Wonderful worship

Guiding light of your heart

Wonderful counselor

Wonderful peace

I AM thy Savior

Heart of grace

Heart of mercy

Heart of golden treasure

Come dig the treasure with ME

Along with ME

By MY side

MY Princess of Peace

I call thy all to MY side

The King commands the presence of HIS beloved

Come let us bearden down

To each other's peace

Bear with ME

MY lovely truth

Guiding light your path of truth


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