Psalm 30 The Equation

Psalm 30 of Eliav Inspired by the Holy Spirit RUACH HAKODESH

I say What is this threat O my flesh ?

Am I threatened by the sun ?

My fathers very own creation but as it scorches me, it heats and it dries ,

but it's only temporary, only until the day we rise.

They say "for the testing of men , we only do what we are commanded"

So i look within and bind the flesh. what is this threat O flesh ?

Are you threatening me with hunger or with thirst ?

With pain or with weakness?

You see its only until the moment our minds are transformed and we will see the equation,

it shall be made known the dominion that we posses over thee.

I choose to Catch fire with the phoenixes of before.

Catch fire and you will receive revelations and mysteries

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