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Prophecy 49 "Read MY Bible, Not the Marvel Studio!"

Updated: Oct 12, 2019

Given to Prophet Hannah for the Praise, Honor & Glory of ELOHIM (GOD) in Heaven

Written on May 21, 2019

Prophetic Message

During the night worship time, I looked around and heard YAHUVEH GOD speaking.

“This is MY real congregation filled with love, in one accord. I said I will come for a Pure Bride, and you are MY Pure Bride of Millennium that will soon become MY YAHUSHUA’S Wife. I want all the Nations to know this, so have this prophecy and all the prophecies translated starting from now. For that will draw the souls in, and more translators will be brought in. So do what I say, and do what I do, MY love, MY children of MY heart. What you have seen, is what will truly happen in the near future.

I change things not like the way you the humankind think, and these mysteries I AM yet to tell, it is not now, not this time for your brain cannot even comprehend. So do not overthink about this subject, just know I have called some of you the time travelers of MY own purposes.

MY universes some stars have been rebelling against ME. Now they face Galactus. Think not those characters from Marvel comics are just pure man’s imagination. For they are not just the fictional imagination. They are hell invented imagination. And when the imagination takes a root in the kingdom of hell, the marine kingdom sends it off for earth production. And the kingdom of earth then begins to web for the kingdom of hell. Shame on you! All of you! Marvel Studio, you too! For you have been webbing for satan for a long time. I shall have this prophecy up, for you but are just a puny kingdom of hell.

MY universes – align and gather and listen to ME, MY children and warriors of ages! Assemble! I AM YAHUVEH and I ALONE created the UNIVERSE, the Marvel Universe is no competition to ME. They are not god yet act as god like, created many comical universes. But all shall be burned in a big fire, a big, big fire. Children on the Earth, you are all listening and watching, “What is the next series gonna be?” and even MY most faithful servants in the Kingdom of the Lord are caught in this foolishness. I have not told you to get addicted in these multiverse series, these are just distractions from the devil. I tell you to forsake them, every single one of them.

I say, and shake MY head at all the millions watching these movies and yet claim they have no time for MY Bible! How can you say that? (YAH smacks HIS hand angrily) I poured out all I have to these Books! Ancient books! I have had MY ancient prophets hide them so they will not be destroyed, so you can read them! So you can read them! I have had MY prophets that you know not and their disciples run and hide them, seal in jars, seal in different containers, hide in many places and even some that are still hidden but they can survive the fire, destruction, bullets. Do you think it was an easy thing?

I shall confound them! And you just remain humble in ME! In due time I shall exalt you and I do not lie, I AM YAHUVEH of ages the creator and author of the Salvation Book the Bible you call in the Earthly language. Read MY Bible, children of the Earth, before the time runs out and you have to run and hide and digest MY word in dark. I AM trying to spare you from these type of horrors, so read MY word and pray where MY Ark is for you.

End of the Word

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