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Rejoice in Your HOPE | Heavenly Manna

Rejoice in Your HOPE | Heavenly Manna

    FAITHFUL and TRUE MASHIACH YAHUSHUA, THOU art the Love of my life! THOU, with THY SACRIFICE, hath given True Light. With THY Light, THOU hast driven all darkness and despair away. By the Light of THY Countenance am I made fat. THY GLORY hath transformed mine inward parts; purging me of dead men’s bones. THY Consuming Fire hath dissolved the yokes and chains of bondage from off me. Now my heart is a table for THY Showbread. Now my heart belongeth unto THEE only.

BLESSED SON of the MOST HIGH GOD, come down and see the workers of iniquity. Come down with a Voice of Triumph and release THY DOUBLE-EDGED SWORD. Let the heathen be consumed and the vile depart from me! Send forth THINE Hand and rid me of their scheming. They are drunk with strange wine, for unto the doctrines of devils have they turned. The lusts of the flesh do they serve, and at that, joyfully. They gnash and scoff, feasting on hypocrisy. Fill YE them up then with the full measure of wormwood. Send them strong delusion, for they are reprobate concerning the Way of TRUTH. Let them drown in their own shame! Let them be clothed in their own vomit!

Yet YAH is the MOST HIGH and unto HIM will I cling. Not one jot or tittle will HE ever from HIS Word omit. PRAISE be to the LIVING GOD who rewardeth HIS adversaries with furious rebukes. Clothed in Fury are HIS Fiery Tempests. Founded upon Justice and TRUTH is HIS Throne. YAHUVEH taketh vengeance on all them that depart from HIS KINGDOM. Let all the earth keep silence, for the LION of Yahudah hath sprung from HIS Covert. Let the heathen go on eating, drinking, and giving in strange marriage. Let the bowls of THY curses runneth over. Let the heathen be turned into hell for long ago did they rebel. Judgment hath been set and the Time of Vengeance will no longer be withheld. YAHUVEH is mine AVENGER and HE will not hold him guiltless who hath taken HIS NAME in vain.

YAHUSHUA my MASHIACH, THY Fount of BLOOD hath THOU caused to overflow me. I will rejoice in the NAME of my GOD, for HE hath cleansed me of mine iniquity. By HIS Mercy hath HE granted me the gift of repentance. HE hath clothed me in comely Praise Garments! I will be glad and rejoice in THY mercy for THOU hast considered my trouble, THOU hast known my soul in adversities. THOU takest pity on the lowly but bringeth down high looks. EXALTED art THOU alone, for THOU alone art Worthy! PRAISE and WORSHIP becometh THY Throne! Let the KING make procession through the streets of Zion. Let Zion be clothed in holiness once again.

“O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, ye who killest the prophets and stonest them that I send unto thee, turn thou back from thy backsliding ways and I shall heal thee. Unto MY Bosom do I seek to gather thee. Shun not MY Touch Holy. Thou wilt return O Wayward Daughter. Thou wilt embrace ME as KING of Kings. In a little while I shall come; yea I shall not tarry.”

MESSIAH KING, how long till THOU cometh? How much longer till THOU makest Jerusalem a praise in the earth? Though my heart doth tremble, I have purposed by THY SPIRIT not to fail. Rivers of waters do run down my face like as unto a woman in great travail. Hide THOU me in the WILDERNESS CLEFT! THOU hast made me to be a mother of many, though once I was bereft. Truly, truly THOU hast made me to keep house! THOU hast made me glad, for in THEE am I a mother of children.

I PRAISE THEE, YAH my ELOHIM! THOU art the GOD of my fathers Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob! THOU art FAITHFUL in all THY WAYS! Every ACT of THINE is a YEA and AMEN! HALLELUYAH! My GOD, THOU art the STRONG ROCK of my SALVATION! THOU art the SONG of EVERLASTING DELIVERANCE! THOU hast ransomed me from death by THINE Own Right Hand. THOU hast given me strength to stand and even to dance! Before THY Throne do I play my ten-stringed instrument!

Until the Fulness of THY Righteousness be come in, by THY SPIRIT will I endure. Help me not to grumble, complain, or even murmur. Await do I for the Return of THY SON. HE shall come and not tarry, for HE maketh a quick work in the earth. For HIS elect’s sake doth HE, with HIS DOUBLE-EDGED SWORD, cut the time short. THY Will be done, ABBA YAHUVEH! THY KINGDOM come, LORD MOST HIGH! In YAHUSHUA my MASHIACH’S NAME I pray, AMEN!!!

Prophet Natan’EL


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