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Prophecy 16 “Take Hold of ME!”

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Given to Prophet D'vorah for the Praise, Honor & Glory of ELOHIM (GOD) in Heaven

Written on February 9, 2019

Prophetic Message

(As I was sitting at the table talking with brothers I began to hear YAHUSHUA speak a Word for Shimshon)

Oh, MY Beloved Son, MY Warrior, MY Samson of New, be encouraged! I AM here! I am YAHUSHUA. Reach for ME. Take hold of ME. See yourself MY Son reaching for ME. (I see a Vision of a brother singing “show ME your ways” but instead of singing “ways” he sang “show me your face.”­)

I make you stronger. I strengthen thee. I take MY Scepter and I place it over thee. Receive MY Scepter. This is a tool for time. This does not come with an easy walk-in-the-park price.

Be still and know that WE are ELOHIM! Raise your hands MY Son! Hope in US! Receive your strength from US! Insecurities, WE will remove if you allow ME to change you. If you allow ME to humble you to a degree you to not desire to go because it hurts the flesh and makes others stumble but oh MY Son, can you not see how important it is that MY will be done, despite what men and woman think?

Even your sister went through coals of fire and I had to break her and I will still if she will not let ME bend without a complaining, murmuring spirit. Do nothing with a complaining, murmuring spirit. Lift up your gates to ME MY Son! I will help thee. For does it not say in MY Word, “MY help cometh from the LORD YAHUVEH?” (Psalm 121:2)

MY Son, MY Warrior of new, arise! I speak unto your spirit and I strengthen your soul and your spirit and the flesh must obey. I’m teaching you how you crucify your flesh also – how to lay down pride, lust, idolatry, hunger, sleep, all vanity, and all that seperateth mankind from ME. Will you allow ME MY Son? I know your heart and motives, but MY Son, when you question “Why?” or you seek understanding and you know these things you just stir up a complaining, bitter spirit.

Instead take hold of ME. See ME face to face and picture ME in front of thee with MY Scepter strengthening thee as I’ve done this day. Oh MY beloved child, you will slay spiritual lions and you will see victory in all areas of your life and the life of your Brothers and Sisters!

I’m testing you MY Son. I’m training. I’m seeing how far your will bend without complaining. Isn’t it MY will to be done? Lay down all desires every morning just as you’ve done and take hold of ME – MY wants, MY desires and give up your wants and I will show you great victory.

I speak this Word, so you will be encouraged for you to look back and know that I alone am the lover of your soul and I care about everything you do. I am refining you in the fiery furnace. I am testing you MY faithful Son. Keep striving to obey and take hold of ME, your FIRST LOVE, your HELPER, your DELIVERER, your FORTIFICATION, GOD of your Salvation, ELOHIM of the Universe!

Now, praise ME and sing US a song, for WE love when you sing with a grateful heart!


End of the Word

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