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Prophecy 45 “The Name of “Jesus” I will No Longer Respond To! YAHUSHUA Is MY Name!”

Updated: Oct 12, 2019

Given to Prophet D'vorah for the Praise, Honor & Glory of ELOHIM (GOD) in Heaven

Written on April 23, 2019

NOTE: GOD's warning that HE will no longer respond to prayers in the name of "Jesus" is referring to the future time when the Antichrist will be ruling on the Earth and the name of "Jesus" will be used by the Antichrist. At this time, YAHUSHUA still saves people with the name of "Jesus Christ".

Prophetic Message

(I saw myself flying down to the earth again and I looked and I saw a war and there is a large tank and it looks like someone extremely evil dressed in all black on this specific army tank shooting it at the other people … I hear “War and famine”)

America, your prime age is over! I, YAHUVEH, have said once again that I will burn that flag of the nation that you hold dear to your hearts. (At the same time I saw a vision of the American flag being burned) And so, because you have ripped up MY Laws and you have broken MY 10 Commandment stones, even back from the time of Judge Roy Moore. I, YAHUVEH, shake MY head in disgust, for you displease ME so, and I will turn a blind eye and a deaf ear when your own children are slaughtered at the hands of the Russian military.

America, you have hoards of gold stored for the evil elite and ye know it not that your taxes that you pay have contributed to their agenda, to their evil plots and schemes! Oh America, I, YAHUVEH, shake MY head in disgust for ye are so evil and ye know not anymore that the line of morality is completely blurred. You wouldn’t know sin even as you don’t know your right from your left, because of the darkness of man’s hearts.

I am disgusted at you, oh America! And I shall surely crush you! I, YAHUVEH, shall take MY fist and smash you! I am not amused! I am not amused at your advanced technology! The aliens shall come in the skies and shall literally eat you alive! They will put your technology to shame! But the aliens are already here and have been here dwelling among you in secret and ye know it not, for the majority of the Christians are sleeping and so are the Bride and Guests in many ways!

Wake up MY People!!!

Rise and receive the call of repentance! For ye need know that I, YAHUVEH, am a Living Just JUDGE, who will judge your very souls! Do you not know, for your slumber oh world, I will judge you for this? I will judge you for the lack of prayer and the lukewarmness that I’ve seen in the churches, even though ye are constantly warned!

As the Mark of the Beast approaches and the tormentors of the skies come nigh, know ye that ye need an Ark of Safety! Do not boast and say, “Oh, we love you Jesus!” if you don’t obey ME!

Use MY Hebrew NAME! For the name of ‘Jesus’ I will no longer respond to! ‘YAHUSHUA’ is MY NAME! There is salvation in the Hebrew NAME of ‘YAHUSHUA’ and this is the NAME above all names! I have had mercy, for many of you did not know nor understand, but be ye assured of this, if you are reading this Word you are held accountable for what you now know!

Thank you for praising ME and seeking ME for this Word. Do this often the next few days and I will respond quickly. I love you MY darling Daughter, Ezra’s little girl. All of you are priceless to ME and I wouldn’t trade any of you, one for the other. All of you shine and all of you sparkle. All of you are as one big puzzle and when the finished pieces come together ye shall see how beautiful the picture that I see truly is. (At the same time, I saw many of us putting the last puzzle piece on a finished puzzle of YAHUSHUA’S face).

I love you!

Thus saith YAHUSHUA.

End of the Word

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