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Prophecy 40 “The Schools Shall Shut Down, Says YEHOVAH!”

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

Given to דוד בן עזרא for the Praise, Honor & Glory of ELOHIM (GOD) in Heaven

Written on June 1, 2019

Prophetic Message

(This word came forth after a sister shared a vision she received from YEHOVAH about the schools shutting down due to the abominations that are being taught to the children.)

I am coming soon MY son, never forget this. Love and kiss your brethren. A set-apart kiss for each one. This helps the love to flow. Remember, I AM in each one. I thank you for gathering with ME, you all. I always enjoy these gatherings. Especially when you invite ME in. And I AM with you now.

Yes, the schools shall shut down. And it is exactly how I've shown MY daughter.

For judgment has come, is coming to this land and many others. For they have forsaken MY Law and they do not teach the children the truth. (Deut. 28:20) But not you. For you are to have a Children's Ministry. So MY Children may come to ME; may bless ME. That I may bless them. For all these children are MY Children. For the parents have forsaken them to have allowed this to happen (Psalm 27:10) – what is being taught in the schools. And I never leave the forsaken. For I AM the Hope, above all.

The cops in the schools do not do their jobs to protect the children. The parents that work in the schooling systems turn a blind eye to the abominations and even willingly themselves teach this lawlessness to the children. Everybody is complicit. And nobody stands up to say, “This is wrong!” Even when some know right from wrong. And that is the same attitude of this generation. They see something wrong and know that it is wrong and say, “Oh well…”, have the attitude, “Oh well…”. So they shall all slide into Hell (Lev. 19:17)!

What is worth it in this life to go to a place of eternal damnation? Of eternal punishment? (Prov. 23:17-18) When you knew right from wrong. And all it took for a moment, a moment to stand up. A moment of humiliation. A moment of a few bad words. A moment of a few blank stares to say, “This is wrong!” And so, they go along with it. So then, they can have the punishment too. They can go along with the punishment too! And for those of you who hear MY voice and you go along with it, just know that I do not know you (Luke 6:22-26, John 10:27-28, 1 John 3:10). For you are supposed to be a protector of the children. And you hear ME cry to you! As I convict you (John 16:7-11). You hear ME cry to you in your conscience. “This is wrong! This is wrong! Do something! Say something! This is wrong!” And you have no peace. And you're at unease. And that is because you know this is wrong!

And I do have a black whip, MY black belt! And for those of you, and say that you know ME, I'm going to whip you (John 2:13-17)! I'm going to beat you! That you may know right from wrong. And that in this life, that there is nothing worth going to Hell for.

And the schools shall surely fall, especially universities. And you shall burn their lips. For I am sending you there first. I am coming quickly to the schools to show MY mercy, to show MY wrath. MY judgments against the doctrines of demons that are perpetrated in these unholy institutions. If you do not come out of these schools, you will fall for the reign of the anti-christ that has come seeking to indoctrinate you with every filth and perversion from Hell; to fill your mind with the trash from Hell to hate your neighbor; to kill, steal and destroy.

For there is communism in the schools. Yes, there is communism in the schools, and it shall lead to your destruction America, as they corrupt the youth. Hitler's youth they seek to build again. And in MY hearing they mock ME (in the schools they mock GOD). And I'm coming soon, so you hear ME: run from these institutions! Run from these institutions, for they seek to encapsulate you, to consume you.

End of the Word



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