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Prophecy 23 “World, I Did Not Give You Mars To Go To!”

Updated: Oct 12, 2019

Given to Prophets Hannah for the Praise, Honor & Glory of ELOHIM (GOD) in Heaven

Written on February 24, 2019

Prophetic Message

(LORD YAHUSHUA share YOUR secrets with us...)

Oh MY Prophet, MY Heart's desire, I know what is hidden in your heart. And now you ask of MINE. I shall reveal what is on MY Heart this day. I desire to wash, I desire to cleanse, I desire to deliver all the mankind, as they desire. But how few want to be delivered of their hidden secrets! They allow the Fallen Angels to go in, and not allowing ME. What is too dark for ME to know, dear Children? So confess your fear with each other. Do not offend ME, do not offend MY HOLY SPIRIT.

Turn your eyes to ME, your YAHUSHUA HAMASHIACH. The world watches the ascension of another, but that is not of MY SPIRIT, but of anti-christ (Blue Beam ‘rapture’). They watch the technologies of the world and see what Elon Musk launches. To Mars? What is that? There is nothing for you to discover other than emptiness and viruses. I do not allow man to get on the Mars! It is not your boundary I have set for you. It is not.

And it will not get any better, world! I am angry! For you are watching the other planet, but what happened to the planet I have given you now? Huh? The earth is being neglected, desolate. Is that what I have called you to do? To destroy them? Oh, but so many will be destroyed instead by MY planet, not because the planet itself has a spirit to act like occult believes, but because I will be calling forth MY Stars to take judgment on all that has been done on MY planet Earth!

So repent this day for believing any different! For believing in no GOD, this is abomination to ME! Hold your thoughts, hold your thoughts tight to ME. I repent for making you, mankind, but only because I know Ezra would be born and MY 144,000 and 144,000, then I relent MY anger. I drew back MY judgment so many times, so many times in the history in the past. Avraham helped ME drawing back MY anger, Aaron appeased MY anger after his repentance for Israel in the desert land.

Oh MY Israel, return to ME and do what the old Israel did! Turn your heart and eyes to ME. Watch and see - all the Holiness and the Holy land that once belonged to you, now is desolate and belongs to someone else. Would you repent and turn to ME this day? Would you?

I already know the answer. And that is why I have to take MY Bride first before any of the torment coming down on this Earth. I have to get MY Bride to safe place first.

End of the Word

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