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Prophecy 25 “Worship GOD and Do Things As MY Spirit Teaches!”

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

Given to Prophet Hannah for the Praise, Honor & Glory of ELOHIM (GOD) in Heaven

Written on February 25, 2019

Prophetic Message

The enemies come from left and right against MY Elder Bride. His dirty hands will be cut off!!! Cut off from MY Bride, MY Elder Bride!

Oh, I have great plans prepared for you, each of you. I am beautified and glorified in this wonderful times of OURS. WE suffer so much with him and he has suffered so much for US. To be betrayed, cursed, judged - all because his faith and belief in ME, YESHUA, the LIVING WORD. (Matt 5:10 "Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake,

For theirs is the kingdom of heaven.")

But to those people [who spoke evil], I AM just dead [in their eyes, they fear no GOD], they see ME as no importance, and that makes ME sad that they are not willing to worship ME the same as METATRON does! Why? I have shown you such a perfect way! Perfect way! Down to how I want the Communion to be done, down to how I want the food blessing to be done. Do you think I would just show you the empty ceremonies that don't have any meaning? No! Why would I do that to MY Bride? Everything she does should have a great meaning of ME, her SAVIOR, lover of her soul!

But look what I have been turned into? MY desire is for all to feel MY love, MY compassion, MY fire burning for MY Bride. MY Bride - the only Bride! I only have 1 Bride! [YAH means that HE has 1 Bride altogether, from Revelation 14 and Revelation 7.] 

MY METATRON, HE came and brought ME a song. That is why he is so precious to ME and why his heart is so glorified by ME. Children, do not just wait, but praise ME always. Always, no matter the situation. It will bring you MY glory, and victory, everything belongs to ME. You are just MY vessel of clay, like this Prophet typing. She is just a clay, not sure what she will type next but only listens to MY voice in the spirit whispering to her ears.

MY Beloved had felt that he doesn't belong to this Earth, and only wants to return to Heaven. I blow MY wind to him through MY own nostril. Oh, Holy Wind of Revival!

So today, rejoice in ME, MY Children! As I rejoice in each of your love, your unity, your unison. We were bound together before the foundation of earth. But only separated for a short time on this earth.

METATRON is precious to MY Kingdom and MY Heart. He beats for ME, and quietly sits at the bottom of MY Heart. HIS light is illuminarious/brilliant. So I called forth MY YAHUSHUA to retrieve it from the bottom. MY Salvation! Your Salvation! He has seen your beauty in the stone! He brings you in and out of the FATHER’s chamber and cares for you fervently until you grow. MY Stone of Jewel, glorious heart of the FATHER! You have part of the FATHER’s love, part of the MOTHER’s love, part of the SAVIOR’s love. You do not lack any good things on this Earth.

So praise and rejoice in ME! MY Children! MY shelter wings! Cover you as you praise to deflect any damages and weapons that come from enemies. They hide in dark, fear of being seen. But MY real Children are in the light, they have nothing to hide.

Haha, I laugh! MY Children are quickly returning to ME! More each day. All because MY METATRON's work. He is a mighty worker in Spirit. He is not lazy by any means. Learn this from him, Children. For you will need this trait at this End Time. There will be a time you will have a lack of sleep so you can protect MY People and MY Babies and Bride. You shall call down the Heaven for defense! Nothing will be impossible! It just takes your faith, your faith.

Your faith takes you to where you want to go, your imaginations. Also to either good or bad. Imagine good things for yourself. If you're sick, imagine you are well! This is the power of the imagination! Devil has its counterfeit but I have the genuine! Each of you are like genius, they say you only use 10% of brain? But I will make you use 100%! To ME, there is no limit!

I am happy! I am happy for what I see today! Thank you. I truly thank you from bottom of MY Heart. You think the FATHER wouldn't thank from HIS Heart? I truly do, as I appreciate that MY Elder Bride takes so much attention of MY other Bride. You help lead them Home, you take her hand, lead her down the aisle to meet her BRIDEGROOM – the One and the only One. For I burn jealously for her, and only desire her to only focus on ME. I demand MY love from MY Bride. You are MINE! All of your mind, body, spirit and soul belong to ME, YESHUA HAMASHIACH. You have nowhere else to run to but except to ME. I have given you MY Circle of Covenant, the Ring with MY promises, as you will marry ME. And belong to ME forever and ever.

No one can compete the beauty; you glow for ME! Out glow in the darkest night, and come to ME and attach yourself to ME, the only SAVIOR.

I am FIRE of the Eternity, the LION from the tribe of Judah. I honor MY Prophet, I honor MY Bride of Eternity. MY Beloved, you shall be here with ME and see how I toy with MY enemies! All those who come against you, I will destroy them!!! They shall suffer the untold agony, there was never a mention before of this kind of torment. And because of their sin, they would have deserved it, the lowest Hell. Lowest they will go! The enemies, none of you passed MY tests!!! None of you dutifully protected MY Bride I so treasurely given! You did not guard MY Word! So feel MY fire! Feel MY anger! Burning forever and ever! Oh you will never feel the relief, for I will give you none, just as you showed MY Bride none!

I am a GOD that takes vengeance!!! (Romans 12:19, Deut 32:35) Fire! From MY mouth alone! I will burn until you have no pieces left! Listen to ME, world! I am about to be revealed! And mightier and fiercer than ever! I shall reveal, reveal! You will see ME in different parts of the world. Yes you will...

End of the Word

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