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YAHUVEH is angry with the rebellious | Heavenly Manna

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

YAHUVEH is angry with the rebellious | Heavenly Manna

    O ABBA YAHUVEH, may it be that THINE Anger doth not wax hot against me. I seek THY Face for to give THEE only the GLORY. I seek THY Face for to be delivered from hellfire for eternity. Come I before THY Throne for to receive THY Grace and Mercy. Kiss do I THY SON, THINE Only Begotten SON, that HIS Wrath kindle not against me for blasphemy. GODLY fear is the beginning of Wisdom which the wicked despise most vehemently. Hear THOU me, MOST HIGH GOD, and be pleased to my soul bring to purity. By the BLOOD of YAHUSHUA my MESSIAH do I seek with THEE an audience most humbly.

May it be that I feign not to be holy. With THEE there is no shadow of turning but only Light. With THEE there is TRUTH, Wisdom, and Might only. Magnificent art THOU in all THY Ways. When THOU standest up to judge, every hill and mountain is made low evenly. THOU art justified in all THY Ways, for THOU only art without iniquity. There is no stain, spot, or wrinkle in even the Hem of YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH’S Garment. Only by clinging to HIS Flawless Ways is a man deemed faithful and righteous. Only by trusting and boasting in the SACRIFICE at Calvary is one made clean. Blessed be ABBA YAHUVEH for YAHUSHUA making our eyes to have seen! Blessed be our KING who hath us made free!

ABBA YAHUVEH, put on zeal as a cloak and trample the heathen in the midst of their camp. Suddenly wilt MASHIACH appear and stand in THY stead! HE shall slay them even to the uttermost! HE shall appear and smite unto oblivion all the wicked host! HIS zeal for THY house burneth as an oven. Judgment does start at THY temple, starting with the elders sloven. They are unclean in their hearts, minds, and souls. Only do they seek to prosper through the defiling of THY Holy Scrolls. They prostitute THY Word and rejoice to slaughter the young and old. They have before the foundation their lives unto satan sold. Their judgment sleepeth not, for THOU art not a JUDGE to at all acquit the guilty. THOU takest no bribe of even the finest earthly gold. They have no fear of THEE, evidenced by their continuous pillaging of THY Fold. Yet THOU art not mocked, for this THY Word hath us told. THOU wilt satisfy the blood-thirst of THINE Weapon Execution! THOU surely wilt make drunk THINE Arrows in the Day of their destruction!

Spare wilt THOU THY Flock in that Day, making us to inherit THY KINGDOM. What a day that will be when finally THY Face we shall see! Help us to be still and do quickly what THOU hast us called to do. Our hearts are ever joyfully united THEE unto. Nought of hell shall be able to us overcome so long as we our eyes on THEE keep fixed. THOU hast our hands set to the plow of TRUTH. By THY SPIRIT do we break up the fallow ground, making it meet to THY Seed receive. Water THOU us with the former and latter rain. Pour forth upon us the Anointing that these yokes and bondages on us do not remain. Great is THY GLORY, the Light of which doth never wane!

O YAHUSHUA my MASHIACH, THOU art the Refining Fire! Purge THOU me of this wicked dross! Purge THOU my soul lest it by corruption expire! I cast out these selfish motives and desire only clean thoughts! My heart is so very deceptive, seeking always to me entangle in the briar. O thou iniquitous heart, thou wast crucified with MASHIACH on the Cross! Each day am I presented the choice of who will I make my boss. If I serve MASHIACH, then only blessings and VICTORY will I experience. If I submit to the old man, then will only I be met with loss.

O LORD, take THOU from me these twisted and double-minded meditations. May it be that I listen not to the enemy’s despicable allegations. Only THY TRUTH do I desire to hear. May I THY Word receive in mine heart that I may only THY Throne righteously fear. Grant me understanding that I may be found of THEE sincere. Only by THY BLOOD make I this petition in order to unto THEE draw near. May the motivations of my heart and the speech of my mouth be pure and clear. I keep mine eyes on THEE fixed and not on the heathen who THY Way jeer. They only THY servants do mock and at sneer. “Pay no attention unto the enemy except to them rebuke and reveal. Only ME and none other art thou to highly esteem and revere. Let thine heart be not troubled, holding only ME dear. This is MY Commandment that I desire for thee to unto adhere.” So may it be that I only unto THY Word hearken and obey. O catch me up in that Day that I be not left behind unto many a tear. Only by THY Hand do I from this world desire to be taken away. May THY will be done, for THOU art my Stay. Upon THEE do I lean, for THOU alone canst only me bear. May THY NAME be GLORIFIED and the Staff of THINE Hand be exalted! In THY NAME, YAHUSHUA my MASHIACH, do I pray, AMEN!!! AMEN!!! AMEN!!!

Prophet Natan’EL


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