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Prophecy 154 Lesson of Forgiveness

Updated: Oct 28

Given to Prophet ציונה בת עזרא for the Praise, Honour & Glory of ELOHIM (GOD) in Heaven

Received on December 12, 2020

Prophetic Message

Joseph is a great example of healer of the past. Despite the wounds and grave wounds he received from the great brothers. He was willing to forgive and forget. For many nights, when he was barely sold - even though he remembered what his mother had said - but still many nights of nightmares of that night - the day he was sold as a slave. For he had tasted all the luxuries in Father's house.

So watch, and do not be the seller of brethren to evil ones. Watch on guard of each other's soul.

Obey the Father and the Sons, let them be your delight. For you will not feel the freedom until you enjoy and fully, fully, insert yourself into your HEAVENLY FATHER’S pocket. The pocket of hidden secret. HE puts you in HIS pocket watch, watch constantly to prevent you from self-inflicted damage.

Watch and learn, the full-knowledge one. Be blessed and drink from HIS waters. When you are in spirit, you hear so much more. And heaven is open to you. Selah.

End of Word

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