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Yom Kippur

During the Fast

On erev Yom Kippur try to eat balanced meals. Go for proteins and complex carbohydrates; simple carbs and carb loading will make your blood sugar spike and then drop unpleasantly. Try to keep the salt content down so you don’t make yourself thirstier later. Don’t try to overstuff yourself.

During the fast, if you get dizzy or lightheaded try sitting down for a little while. If the feeling persists, or if you have other worrying symptoms, please drink some water immediately and eat a small amount of food. we not condone endangering your life in order to fast, even on Yom Kippur.

If you are ill or have a persistent medical condition, you might want to talk to your doctor before fasting to make sure it is safe. A woman who is pregnant or nursing is also considered to be exempt, lest it harm her or the fetus/baby. Any medication that you take daily should also be taken on Yom Kippur.Again, fasting is not supposed to endanger your life or your health.

When you break your fast, drink first and then start eating slowly.

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