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Psalm 10 I will stand on YOUR Commands

Psalm 10 of Eliav Inspired by the Holy Spirit RUACH HAKODESH

Release me, O YAH from emotional bondages,

Do not let Beliar get a hold of me.

Quickly, escape the ropes, be on guard of the traps!

For the evil ones have laid their snare, they seek to stir up strife

and plant division among the camp.

But as for me, I will stand on YOUR commands,

I choose to not become shaken, thus I will not be moved.

Though the sea rages, and thunders tremble the ground,

I will remember YOUR ways. YOU keep me with the fear of YAH,

Which is wisdom to my paths, it is repentance to the heart.

Why shall I sin when I have the knowledge of the Holy one?

I'm sowed together with HIIS commands and I am risen

from the pits of strife. Choose love, grow in love

and love will guard your life.


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