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Counting the Omer Day 12


Each day, one says the blessing:


Blessed are You, YEHOVAH our ELOHIM, King of the universe, Who has sanctified us with His commandments and has commanded us concerning the counting of the Omer.

Today is twelfth day of the Omer.

The Merciful One, may He bring forth the new Jerusalem, speedily in our days,  IN YESHUA's name AMEN

Day 12 Omer Reading:

Week 2 /Attribute 2 – Vigor/Discipline (Gevurah)

Sitting At The Feet Of Our Master YESHUA

Run The Race

Hebrews 12:1-10 So then, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us, too, put aside every impediment – that is, the sin which easily hampers our forward movement – and keep running with endurance in the contest set before us, Heb 12:2 looking away to the Initiator and Completer of that trusting, YESHUA– who, in exchange for obtaining the joy set before him, endured execution on a stake as a criminal, scorning the shame, and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of YEHOVAH. Heb 12:3 Yes, think about him who endured such hostility against himself from sinners, so that you won’t grow tired or become despondent. Heb 12:4 You have not yet resisted to the point of shedding blood in the contest against sin. Heb 12:5 Also you have forgotten the counsel which speaks with you as sons: “My son, don’t despise the discipline of YEHOVAH or become despondent when he corrects you. Heb 12:6 For YEHOVAH disciplines those he loves and whips everyone he accepts as a son.” Heb 12:7 Regard your endurance as discipline; YEHOVAHis dealing with you as sons. For what son goes undisciplined by his father? Heb 12:8 All legitimate sons undergo discipline; so if you don’t, you’re a mamzer and not a son! Heb 12:9 Furthermore, we had physical fathers who disciplined us, and we respected them; how much more should we submit to our spiritual Father and live! Heb 12:10 For they disciplined us only for a short time and only as best they could; but he disciplines us in a way that provides genuine benefit to us and enables us to share in his holiness. Heb 12:11 Now, all discipline, while it is happening, does indeed seem painful, not enjoyable; but for those who have been trained by it, it later produces its peaceful fruit, which is righteousness. (Complete Jewish Bible)

Now more then ever before we need to keep our eyes upon His WORD, which gives us strength to run the race. Whenever I read a story about those who have been martyred and Yom HaShoa (The Holocaust) I pray, Father let me be strong like they were if I ever have to face such a test of my faith.

We have just finished remembering the victims of those who were murdered during Yom HaShoah and vowing never to let this happen again! Yet even today many believers are facing great tests of their faith and even martyrdom for their faith in YESHUA, and still the world is silent.

Israel is being threatened daily with rockets and surrounded by enemies who want to see her fall and the world is looking the other way or worse trying to get Israel to give up their land!

We are starting to see a falling away from the WORD and people who call themselves Christians are falling into apostasy and even allowing New Age teaching into their Churches.

Anti Semitism is on the rise in Europe and America the World is preparing for the Anti-Messiah! When you read the news and see what is happening it can become overwhelming except for the fact that we know YEHOVAH our GOD is in control and that we need to continue to run the race and stay in the secret place of the most High and under the Shadow of the Almighty! (Psalm 91)

We are truly living in a time of Restoration for those who have ears to hear what His Spirit is speaking to His Bride.

He is gathering and regathering His people for His return Judah and Ephraim, Ezekiel 37 and following is beginning to be fulfilled in our days as we see many Jewish people coming to faith in Messiah and many believers returning to the true faith of Messiah and His Torah and returning to the Jewish Roots of their faith.


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