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Prophecy 537 The LORD YEHOVAH ALMIGHTY Brings Comfort 

Given to Prophet שלמה for the Praise, Honor and Glory of ELOHIM in Heaven

Received on May 23, 2024 in the year of our MASTER YEHOVAH, and HIS SON YESHUA, 15 Iyar 5784

Prophetic Message


Oh mankind, do you see yet why I, YEHOVAH ALMIGHTY have allowed death in the world since the moment sin entered the world? I cursed the Earth and all that is from the Earth, I cursed the dust, but not the soul of man so that through death they would gain life. Through death, and as I have spoken unto MY Faithful ones, life on Earth can perish in a moment. 

So surely there existeth many kinds of calamity on Earth to constantly reveal to thee, oh mankind, the fragility of life, and deliver thee out of the hands of satan. For he whispers into the ears of mankind, "thy life on Earth is rock solid, unbreakable", but how many tears I have had wipe. 

One of the 24 Elders speaks: 

The LORD YEHOVAH ALMIGHTY brings comfort and strength not only to those of HIS own house but even to those who know HIM not. HIS tender mercies are upon many and HE shows compassion to whom HE desires to show compassion. And HE kills and renders wrath upon those who HE chooses to pour out wrath. The LORD YEHOVAH prepareth an eternal dwelling place for thee, oh mankind. Can thou not marvel at HIS works? The powers of the darkness marvel and rage at such great a salvation thou hast been given. 

Blessed are YOU, our GOD YEHOVAH, who shows mercy to the works of HIS hands.

End of Word



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