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Prophecy 538 The Sabbath Not Only Belongs to Our FATHER YEHOVAH, But HE is the Sabbath

Given to Prophet שלמה for the Praise, Honor and Glory of ELOHIM in Heaven

Received on May 24, 2024 in the year of our MASTER YEHOVAH, and HIS SON YESHUA, 16 Iyar 5784

Prophetic Message


One of the 24 Elders speaks:

The Sabbath not only belongs to Our FATHER YEHOVAH, But HE is the Sabbath, HE is A GREAT AGE of Rest. After Our FATHER made all things, HE created a path of Great Light and Beauty. On it, HE walked and all about HIM stood creation and HE walked in the midst thereof with HIS feet. The power of HIS finger tips toucheth the fabric of creation, and when Our FATHER YEHOVAH folds HIS fist HE folds up creation as a garment. 

Do you not observe oh mankind? The stars in all their glory are but sparkles of beauty upon HIS skin and their burning infernos but the heat of HIS breath. HE who makes all things to have motion and to work, will HE not also give rest? Rest is the mark of true freedom for Satan will not give you rest oh man. But he wears you out, and I, YEHOVAH give thee true rest. Rest is to show thee oh mankind that MY yoke and MY burden is true freedom and is no bondage. 


Hence MY Sabbath day, I, YEHOVAH ALMIGHTY rested from MY works. MY people, rest from your works and believe in the works of your FATHER YEHOVAH at all times. Where MY SPIRIT moveth, there is Freedom.

End of Word



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