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Prophecy 125 Judgement on the Mount of Horeb

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

Given to Prophet ציונה בת עזרא for the Praise, Honour and Glory of ELOHIM in Heaven

Received the night of MAY 19th, 2019

Prophetic Message

I YESHUA hold the scepter of such decree as I separate MY sheep from goat. I will continue to separate this whole world, these sheep and goats. The sheep are minor but they are great and mighty in MY eyes.

[See YESHUA on the Throne and kicking them out and YESHUA wore a type of working boots up to ankle. After HE kicked them off HE no longer want to touch the boots]

Their filth cannot contaminate ME, MY sons and daughters. As you believe the Prophecies' word, believe in ME. For I have done great works in this ranch, in this household. And soon the whole Earth shall see what I have planned for this whole earth to be. For the truth is those who believe are fewer and fewer. Have I not said, when I come back, how many would've still have faith in ME? So hold on tight with the Faith, the Sciprture did not lie. I truly do have an ascension and I do have a rapture. Just hold on tight, and you thank ME. For what you don't have, you thank ME and I give more. And see if I would not give you more. And I will. According to your faith. According to tithes and offerings. So much more. I give you so much more. MY sons and daughters.

I AM truly your Torah Keeper. I keep your faith. And I strengthen each of you. And at this end time at the end you have seen MY coming by the storm, tsunami with all sorts of the disaster hitting the Earth. Under MY general's guidance. And I will use you each. Now come up higher, higher, higher, higher. You shall see how much peace I give to each of you. I said higher. I Elohim, YEHOVAH GOD. I sent MY Son YESHUA. YESHUA HAMASHIACH HE called down to the Earth to save you! With HIS blood. With the testimony of the water and the blood and the HOLY SPIRIT. Have you not read MY Scriptures?

I did not bring you to this high place to make you fall, drop like bugs. I did not. Marvel not for I have other pieces that will fit into this perfect puzzle and I have already started preparing a new painting of you all. A new Holy Trinity mind, a Trinity Mountain. The new mountain. The mountain of Horeb. He sees more and more. And each of the spirit give him gifts, to receive spirit of purity, spirit of judgment, spirit of mercy, spirit of grace, spirit of kindness, spirit of humility. Each step he took, you all give him the treasure from the Heavenlies until he reaches I, YEHOVAH. And even until then, that he was not able to see MY face. But all MY servants gave him the gifts, the light, the light glow on his face. For the reflection of the mirror of the self reflection. Hovering upon him, MY SHEKINAH was around him, giving him robes to wear just like Joseph. Yoseph. I call him MY son, it's time for you to speak.

For I, Yoseph, was on this age, was even on this mountain before. Where I had my journeys I had came across. You do not know for it was not recorded down. For there were many journeys I made. After I became the servant of the Pharaoh, I surround the land to search my brothers and my sisters. I came to this mountain for HE was calling unto my name, "Yoseph, Yoseph." MY Lord calls. So I step onto the mountain, this anointed mountain. Each step I took I see the spirits of the LORD. THEY helped me. And we are the Holy ancestors of yours. For the last shall be the first, and the first shall be the last. This is part of the meaning of the facets of this diamond. Even before 400 years before my descendants, our descendants of the 12 tribes that would be upon this world. I already know, the LORD had shown me. On this spiritual mountain, on Mount Horeb, what is going to come. What trials and tribulations are going to come, and I intercede for them.

On that mountain [the evil] shall be destroyed. I saw the mountain of Edom shall be destroyed by the mighty fire from Jacob. Get ready with ME each day as your last day on this planet Earth that is only fit for destruction. Call forth 100 thousand million myriads of angels to come and assist to help with your work load. Pray for multiplication, and everything you need. THE FATHER is but testing all your faith. Will you see all the storms coming against you? And you still hold on tight as your FATHER YEHOVAH? I will command the ocean to cease manifestation. MY disciples they learn to trust and had to believe. Do you think what your eyes see you will believe? No. Believe even if your eyes do not see. For that is the faith I AM looking for. And I receive much glory. I YESHUA your souls' lover the only Messiah. MY holy words do not lie. Do not forsake the FATHER. For by HIM, there is Salvation. Because I AM with HIM.

My sons and daughters, hold onto the faith. Hold on, myriads of angels have been given to you as your key, as your inheritance. That YESHUA has given you as HIS sons and daughters. As HIS Bride.

And I YESHUA say, I miss you so much. MY sons and daughters. I spoke the Bealtitudes, residing in ME and you have them all. I AM your treasure. You go treasure hunting and you find ME. I AM your Savior. I AM your Savior. I AM your Savior, YESHUA HAMASHIACH. I died and rose again 2000 years ago.

So praise ME this day, I have reveal you much.

End of Word



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