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Prophecy 118 Charm Is Deceitful and Beauty Is Vain, But A Woman Who Fears YEHOVAH Shall Be Praised

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

Given to Prophet אברהם בן עזרא for the Praise, Honour and Glory of ELOHIM in Heaven
Received on 17,18,24th June, 4th July, 2023 in the year of our LORD 5783, 28,29th of Sivan, 6,10th of Tamuz

Related Scriptures

Proverbs 31:30

Charm is deceitful and beauty is passing,

But a woman who fears YEHOVAH, she shall be praised.

Proverbs 8:22-23,30-32,35-36

22 “YEHOVAH possessed me at the beginning of HIS way,

Before HIS works of old.

23 I have been established from everlasting,

From the beginning, before there was ever an earth.

30 Then I was beside HIM as a MASTER CRAFTSMAN;

And I was daily HIS delight,

Rejoicing always before HIM,

31 Rejoicing in HIS inhabited world,

And MY delight was with the sons of men.

32 “Now therefore, listen to ME, MY children,

For blessed are those who keep MY ways.

35 For whoever finds ME finds life,

And obtains favour from YEHOVAH;

36 But he who sins against ME wrongs his own soul;

All those who hate ME love death.”

Jeremiah 6:16

Thus says YEHOVAH:

“Stand in the ways and see,

And ask for the old paths, where the good way is,

And walk in it;

Then you will find rest for your souls.

But they said, ‘We will not walk in it.’

Genesis 6:3

And YEHOVAH said, “MY SPIRIT shall not strive with man forever, for he is indeed flesh;

Prophetic Message

MY HUSBAND, Eternal and Blessed, is altogether lovely! HE is altogether wonderful to ME! HE is sweeter than the loveliest of flowers and gardens! HIS scent is more magnificent than the perfumes of the loveliest gardens! Sweeter than the sweetest nectar are HIS words! More filling than any food I know! HE fills MY being! HE fills MY heart with very many special things! O how wonderful is YOUR love MY Dearest BELOVED, YEHOVAH! YOU sustain the whole of MY Being with YOUR Love, O so precious!

I cannot do without YOUR Love, O THOU MY LORD KING! YOUR gaze upon ME, is enough, fills MY every desire! I AM content in YOUR Presence. YOUR Love gives rest and contentment unto MY Being, MY Soul. I AM at rest in YOU, with YOU always. In YOU, with YOU, there is peace and everlasting joy! O how shall I ever Thank THEE for all that YOU are unto ME? Yeah, not only unto ME, but unto all OUR children? For eternity is not enough! And MY Being shall still give THEE Thanks! Yeah, MY Soul shall still praise THEE, O THOU MY LORD and MY KING, YEHOVAH, MY Dearest BELOVED!

Can any love compare unto OUR love? Shall any charm cast shade unto THY charm with which YOU charm MY Soul? O there are none! There is none the like, O THOU MY LORD, MY KING, MY Dearest BELOVED, MY LOVE, MY Precious sweet KING!

YOU have always been MY delight! And in YOUR presence I have delighted from the beginning! Yes, from the beginning of YOUR way, when YOU began to make all things (Prov. 8:22-23)! Yeah, YOU made ME YOUR constant delight (Prov. 8:30)! And in YOU I rejoice all the days! HALLELU YAH! Praise ye YEHOVAH, MY BELOVED! HALLELU YAH! Amen.

Charm is deceitful, beauty is vain but a woman who fears the LORD, yes, YEHOVAH ALMIGHTY, she shall be praised (Prov. 31:30)! Yeah, in MY image she shall be formed! She shall be shaped into MY likeness! For all they that be in MY likeness, yeah, they are pleasing unto the MASTER, yes, even MY LORD and MY KING, yeah, MY BELOVED HUSBAND, YEHOVAH. For HE has created the woman of ELOHIM after MY likeness. That she walk not in the vanity of the flesh, in the vainness of what the world calls beauty, but after MY purity, after MY innocence and decency. Yes, to walk after MY Example. To walk in MY ways. For all MY ways lead to the MASTER, yes, the GOOD LORD, YEHOVAH, abundant in mercy and compassion and abundant in loving kindnesses! HALLELU YAH! For HE has made all things with such a great love and care for each! Yeah, none is despised before HIM. For the great and small, the honoured and dishonoured, the rich and the poor, HE has made them both. And there is none greater before HIM than he who fears HIS NAME and does what is right.

Yeah, therefore, children of men, yeah all ye daughters of men, hearken ye unto WISDOM thy MOTHER from of old! Yeah, I say, hearken ye unto MY voice and do ye turn back unto the ancient paths! The ancient ways in which Sarah, Rivkah, Leah and Rakhel thy fore-mothers walked in Jer. 6:16). Step ye aright and turn thy steps from the ways, yeah even the very paths of the foolish woman. For she leadeth many astray! She leadeth many unto sheol! All her steps lead down to death! Yeah her feet lay hold of sheol! her bedchambers are the chambers of hell itself (Prov. 2:16-19). Yeah, run ye from her seductions and ways! Yeah run ye from all her illusions and delusions that she deludes all you women with! And cleave ye unto MY breast! Let ME hold you close! Let ME hold you tight! Yeah, for in the bosom of MY BELOVED, MY HUSBAND, Dear and Precious AM I hidden! Therein held fast! Yeah, ye shall be saved! Ye shall be delivered! Ye shall be embraced by the MOST HIGH GOD, yeah HE the MOST UPRIGHT! HALLELU YAH! Amen.

Yeah, MY children, hearken ye unto the voice of thy MOTHER, who so loveth thee O so dearly! Charm is deceitful and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears YEHOVAH, The ALMIGHTY, she shall be praised Prov. 31:30), yeah, she shall be saved! MY hand shall always be upon her to guide her in the ancient paths! For haven’t ye read that it is I that lead the patriarchs of old, saved them and delivered them from many a pitfall? Yeah, by MY HUSBAND’S side have I done all these! Saving and cleaving unto HIS Dear SOUL, all the righteous of the land, all the righteous in the Earth! Hearken ye unto the words of the WISE WOMAN in the streets, yeah, unto I WISDOM MOTHER of All. Yeah, turn ye aside unto ME. Yeah, turn unto MY ways and know the fear of The LORD. Yes, even the fear of YEHOVAH GOD ALMIGHTY! For the beginning of Wisdom is the fear of YEHOVAH. HIS ways are pure. HIS ways are virtuous! There is no wickedness therein found! There is no unclean thing with HIM found. HE walks only with the upright of heart. Cleanse ye your ways all ye girls of the world! Cleanse ye your houses all ye mothers! Yeah, turn back unto the ancient paths! The right paths of the ALMIGHTY!

Follow ye HIS Order. Break it not in obstinance! For the times are upon you quickly coming when mercy shall no longer be shown! But all that’ll be destined unto the sword, shall to the sword go and all that be destined unto pestilence, shall unto pestilence be pursued! Yeah, hunger and fear and trembling shall be all around! It shall be but day and ye shall wish for the night, and it shall be night and ye shall wish for the morning! But ye shall receive no reprieve! For ye will have cast behind your backs the love of the ALMIGHTY. Yeah, the patience of the ALMIGHTY ye will have worn thin, trampled under your feet by your head strong stubbornness!

I command ye all women, “STAND YE ALOOF FROM THAT WOMAN JEZEBEL!” Stand ye aloof from all her ways she has lured you with! Pray ye for eye salve, for ye think ye are rich, that ye may see! Come ye unto MY SON YESHUA that ye may be clothed for ye are utterly naked! Your shame is out for all to behold! And lo and behold, your shame shall be uncovered all ye daughters of Earth that refuse to hearken unto MY voice! Ye shall weep and wail till there be no strength in thee left! Yeah, ye shall weep and wail till all your bodies shall ache from the pain! O MY children, hearken ye unto ME! Hearken ye unto the voice of your sweet compassionate MOTHER! Hear ye truly and live! Amen.

For various instruments of torment and torture have been prepared, yeah, they have been prepared for all ye beautiful daughters of the land. Ye walk blindly in the Earth. Headed for the pit are ye and ye know not. Ye embrace as friend the foe. Ye embrace his ways and the ways of his wife – so perverted! Turned ye against your husbands has she turned you. That ye walk in the order of the devil her husband. Recruiting for the pit is she for the glory of her head. Turned she all things upside down, that now ye know not thy left from thy right.

Honour ye understand not. The pride of life ye walk in. In vanity have ye been clothed, and do ye all glory in your shame! Ye have clothed yourselves in pride. Worn as a necklace around your necks, despising your husbands, your heads to the shame of all of Heaven. MY ancient ways, ye know not. MY ancient paths are alien unto ye all and ye think them un strange thing. MY ways are abominable in your sight. Unbearable is it unto your ears. For ye think ye are emancipated while ye walk in bondage, in shame and stiff-neckedness.

Daughters of Earth, defile not your understanding. Corrupt not your thoughts, your minds. Rather, cleave to MY Word. Cleave to the Word. Let it wash away the dross; the corruption of the foolish woman. Of that evil, wicked woman jezebel. For she defiles you with such great defilement. So that all your acts ye do are a stench before all of Heaven. Honour the FATHER, honour ME, I URIYAH, MOTHER of all creation. And ye shall do good unto your souls. Ye shall deliver yourselves. And the good which ye so much desire, ye shall see. Yes, ye shall find it at MY feet.

Yeah, for I serve at the feet of purity, holiness, dignity and honour. No corrupt thing ever goes through MY lips nor MY ways. MY hips do not sway according to the drum beat of this world. Nor according to the vanity of the lust of this world. MY walk is in purity. MY thoughts are pure before ME, yeah, before MY KING. I keep all MY ways pure and clean. MY life and will is to serve the KING, MY KING and MY GOD. I serve at the feet of MY HUSBAND, CREATOR of All. Know ME daughters, and know shalom. Reject ME, and ye reject your lives. Disdain ME, and ye disdain your lives. Reject WISDOM and your lives ye have forfeited forever! Bow at MY feet all ye daughters of this world! All ye daughters of Earth hearken unto thy MOTHER and EXAMPLE!

[YEHOVAH] Yeah, SHE weeps and wails for you! For all that enemy has planned, has in store for you! It is never for good! It is not for good! It is only for evil continually! Do not be puppets, mere instruments in this his game. Follow ye the example of the matriarchs of old; in mannerism, in character, in purity, in chastity and innocence of mind, in honour and in love, in respect and fear of GOD. Amen.

The fear of GOD, the fear of YEHOVAH is pure enduring forever. It purifies the intentions of the heart. The hidden motives are made manifest, and those that are impure, they are expunged. Amen. MY children are purified that fear ME. They are guarded against all pride and all that the enemy plans against their souls. I protect you all that fear ME, MY children.

MY daughters, ye that are girls and women of this world, ye have been made for beauty and for the glory of the HOLY ONE, BLESSED is HE. Yes, to bring HIM honour, and glory and worship that is due HIS Glorious and Mighty NAME. But in rebellion, ye cast it down! Ye cast HIS image down. Ye trample down HIS sacrifice and all HE has made you to be and done for you. Therefore, HIS rage is gone forth! It’s broken out against you all that rebel against HIM already! For yeah, HE plays no games! I play no games! Time is of the essence. TODAY is the day of SALVATION. NOW is the TIME of DELIVERANCE.

Count not HIS patience as slackness. No, it is HIS mercy that ye may find a place for repentance. That ye turn from the stench that ye have become before HIM. Cleanse ye your hands O you sinners! Wash ye your hearts in HIS BLOOD [YESHUA]! Yes, that ye may be sanctified! That ye may be washed! That ye may be cleansed! That ye be robbed! For wantonly naked are ye before the eyes of THE HOLY ONE BLESSED is HE, and HIS Holy Host of Heaven High Above. Fear! Cry out for mercy while mercy and grace are still yet being poured out! Hearken ye unto the cry for repentance as it is still being put out!

Yeah, for the time of wrath is quite at hand! Yeah, ready even at the door! And the Earth shall be engulfed in wrath, rage and disaster! For ye shall weep and wail, all ye that be foolish! Yeah, but there shall be no one to hear your cries! Ye shall weep and moan but none shall answer! For I cried and I cried unto your ears to turn from your obstinate ways, but ye heard ME not! But cleaved ye unto the ways of jezebel, that evil wicked woman! That so called wife of hasatan. Yes, ye walked in all her ways! All her rebellion and pride ye walked in! And ye refused discipline! Ye hearkened not unto WISDOM but disdained HER voice! HER voice was so strange unto your ears! Yes, not a whisper of HERS did you want to hear! But the strangers voice was so sweet to your itching ears, so dear! Itching, she soothed them with her evil tongue! For after your flesh have ye walked! Fulfilling every wicked desire thereof! Feeding the very beast that will consume you in the end! Bringing about your destruction in gehinom, yeah, even hell!

I, WISDOM, cry out unto all, ‘All ye that are simple, turn in here!’ Yeah, for ye shall find for yourselves riches and honour, for all that are desirous of such! Yeah, ye shall find fill for yourselves! Ye shall lay down in peace with none to trouble ye! Yeah, the MOST HIGH GOD, shall find pleasure in thee! Yeah, even HE, the LORD GOD MOST HIGH shall spare thee of HIS wrath and judgments, and utter indignation HE has determined against thee! HALLELU YAH!

For HE is Merciful! Abundant in mercy, grace and compassion! Yeah, even slow to anger is HE, forgiving the iniquities of the penitent! HALLELU YAH! Rejoice ye, all ye righteous of the Earth! HALLELU YAH! Amen! Rejoice! Sing aloud! Clap your hands all ye righteous of the Earth! For HE does a new thing in this HIS Earth! The lamb shall lay down with the young lion, and a little child shall lead them! Yeah, the wolf cub and the goat shall graze together upon the hills of the LORD. Yeah! They shall sing aloud for THE KING MOST HIGH! HE shall be praised from one end of the Earth to the other! Yeah, all shall rise and give HIM Glory! Yeah, even in worship and song, they shall praise HIM! HALLELU YAH!

MY children, let the warnings go out! Let the world be warned! For indeed, MY wrath and indignation shall be delayed no longer! YEHOVAH’S wrath shan’t be delayed! Yeah, for the SPIRIT of YEHOVAH will not strive with man forever (Gen 6:3). Yeah, thus sayeth YEHOVAH GOD ALMIGHTY. Amen. So it is spoken. So it is written.


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