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Prophecy 13 “I YEHOVAH Say, If You Reject MY Laws, You Reject ME!”

Updated: May 27

Given to Torah Keeper for the Praise, Honor & Glory of ELOHIM (GOD) in Heaven

Written on February 14, 2019


Please try to understand the message here. Remember, sin is lawlessness, and sin is breaking GOD's commandments. YESHUA came down from Heaven to redeem us from the consequences of our mistakes and sin/transgression of HIS law. Now, as Paul says, and Paul is always telling believers not to break the law, only to understand that by obeying the law itself cannot save anyone’s soul, but abiding with GOD’S law and ALSO acknowledging the MESSIAH YESHUA can anyone be saved. And ever after Apostle and Prophet and our Father Ezra comes to Torah Keeper Ministry, he has been teaching us that the Bride wants to do more for the Messiah, which means, we want to walk the extra miles for the LORD. What HE commands us, we do, and what else in the Jewish traditions when that honors the FATHER GOD YEHOVAH, we do also. This is a loving relationship with GOD. We urge everyone who read these Prophecies to keep this in mind.

Prophetic Message

(YEHOVAH took me to a place and said unto ME…)

This is where the Commandments were birthed. It’s a place in the closest chamber to MY Son in MY heart. For the Commandments are in MY heart. A great mystery – there is a great mystery in this. There is a reason those who obey MY Laws are exalted, because this is ME. If you reject MY Laws, you reject ME.

MY Laws are faithful and true. Anyone who struggles to obey MY 10 Laws I shall say “Depart from ME ye workers of iniquity, for I never knew you!” (1 John 3:4, James 2:10-20)

So keep going MY Babies – strive to obey. Strive to live Holy. Be ye Holy as I AM is Holy. MY laws are made up of ME! The gems of MY Heart all symbolize MY Laws. For I AM Holy! Apart from ME, there is no law.

Depart from ME there’s no Torah. Oh, strive! Strive to be Holy! Don’t be passive. Let not a day go by without self-examination. Let MY Commandments and praise be on your lips continually. Be sober minded, children! Do not let satan steal what I have given thee. Let not sin steal everything I’ve done. Come unto ME! Come under MY Living Waters. Come, come, come unto ME!

For be ye Holy even as I AM is Holy. I love you oh MY Holy Children. Compassion. Show a revelation of a new form of love and compassion and be holy in these evil times. You will need to grow quickly.


AMEN to the Lawkeepers, for I AM TORAH!


End of the Word

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