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Prophecy 139 Time Is a Beauty That’s Been Given by YEHOVAH

Updated: Nov 6

Given to Prophet אברהם בן עזרא for the Praise, Honour & Glory of ELOHIM (GOD) in Heaven

Received on 5,7th January, 2023 on the year of our LORD 5783, 12,14th of Tevet

Prophetic Message

MY children, time is a beauty that’s been given by YEHOVAH your wonderful FATHER. HE has measured all things. Put them in weights and measures with exacting precision. HE has stretched forth HIS hand and extended time to many; HIS compassion, HIS mercy upon the sons of men. HE gives the seasons and the years and requires it at the hands of whom therein have lived to give account for their lives lived. Was it for HIS glory or unto vanity did they consume themselves? Pertinent questions every human being ought to ask himself.

Live righteously and see good days upon the face of the Earth under the wings of your FATHER. For HE is FATHER to all. To all who would have HIM. And so HE sends, HE sent HIS SON, HOLY and RIGHTEOUS, to reconcile the world to HIMSELF. Egregious the world had become, fallen. But HIS mercy was, has been and is always Great. In HIS mercy HE has shed Light upon the face of the Earth. That those seeing, may receive the Light. Run to it and be saved. HE has come to make the blind eyes see and the eyes that see blind. For treachery and folly are not in HIS highways. Neither are they found in HIS courts.

In HIS courts are seated mercy, and judgment, righteousness and truth, grace and compassion and justice is there amongst them. HIS courts are HOLY. HIS courts are wholly beautiful and wonderful to behold. HIS presence covers them. Therein is peace and tranquillity. Serene is the atmosphere. HALLELU YAH! And there HE pauses all time. HE is the All in All there. HE orchestrates it all as HE pleases. For time on Earth is different from the time in Heaven. They are measured yes, but measured differently.

MY children, at all times praises are befitting the KING Eternal, YEHOVAH is HIS all Glorious and Holy NAME! HALLELU YAH! HE has set counsel in the courts of the kings of the sons of men. HE has set WISDOM in their courts that by HER they may rule righteously upon the face of the Earth. Bringing justice to all. For SHE sifts what’s right and what’s evil. Yet there is no evil found within HER. SHE is of pure lips and no vile thing is found within HER and HER gates! HALLELU YAH! But few men have chosen to live by HER counsel and HER good fruit SHE has prepared. A basket full has SHE prepared for all who would at HER table dine. For all who delight in HER, delight in the KING; and all those who the KING delights in, HE grants HER them, of all who would ask HIM. Amen. For HIS glory alone.

MY WISDOM and MY COUNSEL are with ME, sayeth YEHOVAH. With the great and with the little I AM HE. I set up on High and also bring low. With you MY little ones I AM HE. I AM great in thee MY children. Fear not. Be of good courage. Be encouraged in ME always. Embrace ME with your thoughts at all times. Be ye as MY servant David who did not depart from ME either to the left or the right. And I established him and strengthened him in all I set him out to do.

MY children, from of old I AM faithful. From of old, I AM HE. None who seek after I, yes, I YEHOVAH, have ever been forsaken. Their portion, their lot is forever with ME and upon them I set MY gaze. Yes, upon them and their posterity I set MY gaze to do them good alway.

Rise up children! Sing for Joy! For the Joy of the LORD, yes your LORD, I your LORD YEHOVAH, is your STRENGTH! HALLELU YAH! Take the example of David and dance before ME with joy! Dance like David danced! Yes, only for MY glory! HALLELU YAH! I shake off from you all the shackles, all the chains, all the dark veils, all the darkness, all that is not of I your LORD and GOD YEHOVAH! HALLELU YAH! Give ME Glory all ye MY children! PRAISE ME all ye MY children! Give praises to the KING GOD MOST-HIGH! HE alone is exalted on High forever more! HE alone endures forever! HALLELU YAH! Amen.

End of Word


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