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Prophecy 15 “Follow the Ancient Path! Eternal Stars! / Open the Ancient Gates!”

Updated: Jul 4

Given to Prophet ציונה בת עזרא for the Praise, Honor & Glory of ELOHIM (GOD) in Heaven

Written on February 23, 2019

Prophetic Message

(Follow the Ancient Path! Eternal Stars!)

You truly let ME take control today, MY Children. I am pleased as you allow MY Hand to touch each of your vulnerable parts. Even places you don't want others to see. You are truthful to ME. And I am pleased. I have no better Children, and no better Congregation that constantly follow MY Will and Desire. I purify all of you this day as you step into MY time by faith. You are constantly in MY Presence. Constantly watching MY move. You want to know where I AM going next, where is MY next move so you can follow.

I am over rejoicing, MY Children! Can you feel the excitement of Heaven? Oh, the Earth shakes for MY excitement! I stomp like a little kid waiting for MY loveliest Bride for ME to behold. She is MY Gem, MY Jewel of the ancient time. I will never forget you, or any of you.

Treasure ME this day, follow MY path of millions of ages, it is the Ancient Path you will follow. You have honored, MY horn, MY honored and lovable Child Ezra. Not many have seen his face or felt his presence like you are now. He feels he is within each of your hearts and with each of you. I AM not saying he knows what's in your heart, but because you treasure him so much, he also feels where he belongs.

I took him away from those that no longer honor him, MY Torah of ancient [is removed from them]. How many will never see him again because they did not appreciate what I have given. I don't give often, and I don't take away often. Only when I AM grieved to the greatest. And that was the time.

I don't easily bring MY gifts and MY treasures to millions to be mocked. But it is for a time and purpose to test the heart of men. They shall inherit MY goodness if they believe MY Words written with MY own Fingers. I have prophesied out MY Mouthpieces the Prophecies that can withstand millions of ages. They are the Words from MY mouth. I have spoken, I have shown MY Glory! Each day thank ME for the Sun you have that brings you warmth. Can you imagine if the sun wouldn’t come up or shine? All the creations would have died, freeze to death. But I placed MY planets in the Universe just right, it is just right. Fully balanced.

Each of you listen to MY Words and MY Guidance. Not one is out of place, they are all in order. You will, each of you, have millions that follow after you to come to ME [notes: we are the fingers pointing people to YESHUA]. They would recognize the anointing and ME in you. This is for the Millennium. A Millennium promise that I shall use you so greatly! Don't just think that your calling ends on this Earth! Am I not the beginning and the end? And to ME, there is no end! No end to MY beloved Children! You will sing more, shine more, glorify ME more. All for MY Purposes and Glory.

Rejoice this day, as I rebuked you from Heaven. Repentance is good for your soul, it is good medicine. Never be afraid to publicly repent. Your reputation is better with ME than on the fabricated earth that is filled with lies and deceptions. They would clap their hands as you're being transparent, but mock you evilly behind the back. Oh, how crooked.

Oh the crooked Hillary Clinton, your life is in MY hand. Black boiling blood plague and cancer you shall suffer. It is only waiting for MY time to manifest.

Stars, stars, shine for ME. Come to PAPA's chest for ME to behold your beauty. No counterfeits, counterfeits I threw away.

End of the Word

Prophetic Message

(Open the Ancient Gates!)

(Closing Shabbat during the Havdalah ceremony on Saturday evening, we have prayers to open the Holy Gates from Heaven to start our secular week, I heard YEHOVAH say as we repeat the prayer…)

All the Ancient Gates you shall pass, as I have commanded to each of you. The Ancient Gates are gates the forefathers have passed through. The Gates of Victory for you. The Gates of Replenishment, Sustainment. It is what you should grasp each day. The prayer is good for each day! For you need MY merciful Gates to be opened every day! There are so much knowledge and wisdom contained within, you just can't grasp all of it yet.

The human mind is limited, but as you come back you will not be limited anymore. You do many things symbolically for many parts of the Body around the world. And they do things also for you. Each of MY Body is a Jewel, is a Gem to ME. As MY Body is covered by all the jewels - and you, Ezra, shall also be covered, as your Children's jewels are covering you and those who fight by your side and are faithful to you and I. They are MY Bride. And you bring them to ME, the ALMIGHTY GOD of Everlasting, YEHOVAH.

Each of their ears are not clogged, but are so in tune to ME. That's why I AM able to speak Word after Word. I have never been so blessed with all the beautiful work I can accomplish in one body, one mind, one spirit, one Truth.

All of you remain faithful to each other, be each other's best support. (YESHUA smiles) MY Ezra knows this very well. He has never betrayed, and does not ever plan on doing it. So I trust him with MY 7 Keys. His heart is so filled with ME. MY Ezra! Many are the Children of his. They rise up along with him as I change MY guards.

So now I give the anointing of prophesy to another, so graciously, so they – MY Children – have a place to hear MY Word. (YESHUA has tears in HIS eyes) I don't ever forsake MY Children and never leave them! And he (Ezra) does not leave his Children empty handed.

End of the Word

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