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Prophecy 15 “Follow the Ancient Path! Eternal Stars! / Open the Ancient Gates!”

Updated: Mar 31

Given to Prophet ציונה בת עזרא for the Praise, Honor & Glory of ELOHIM (GOD) in Heaven

Written on February 23, 2019

Prophetic Message

(Follow the Ancient Path! Eternal Stars!)

MY Children! Can you feel the excitement of Heaven? Oh, the Earth shakes for MY excitement! I stomp like a little kid waiting for MY loveliest Bride for ME to behold. She is MY Gem, MY Jewel of the ancient time. I will never forget you, or any of you. Treasure ME this day, follow MY path of millions of ages, it is the Ancient Path you will follow.

I don't easily bring MY gifts and MY treasures to millions to be mocked. But it is for a time and purpose to test the heart of men. They shall inherit MY goodness if they believe MY Words written with MY own Fingers. I have prophesied out MY Mouthpieces the Prophecies that can withstand millions of ages. They are the Words from MY mouth. I have spoken, I have shown MY Glory! Each day thank ME for the Sun you have that brings you warmth. Can you imagine if the sun wouldn’t come up or shine? All the creations would have died, freeze to death. But I placed MY planets in the Universe just right, it is just right. Fully balanced.

Am I not the beginning and the end? And to ME, there is no end! No end to MY beloved Children! You will sing more, shine more, glorify ME more. All for MY Purposes and Glory.

Oh the crooked Hillary Clinton, your life is in MY hand. Black boiling blood plague and cancer you shall suffer. It is only waiting for MY time to manifest.

Stars, stars, shine for ME. Come to PAPA's chest for ME to behold your beauty. No counterfeits, counterfeits I threw away.

End of the Word

Prophetic Message

(Open the Ancient Gates!)

All the Ancient Gates you shall pass, as I have commanded to each of you. The Ancient Gates are gates the forefathers have passed through. The Gates of Victory for you. The Gates of Replenishment, Sustainment. It is what you should grasp each day. The prayer is good for each day! For you need MY merciful Gates to be opened every day! There are so much knowledge and wisdom contained within, you just can't grasp all of it yet.

End of the Word



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