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Prophecy 206 Listen for MY Voice Sweet and Tender

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

Given to Prophet אברהם בן עזרא for the Praise, Honour & Glory of ELOHIM (GOD) in Heaven

Received on 2nd July, 2022 in the year of our LORD 5782, 3rd of Tamuz. Continued on 15th July, 2023 that is 5783, the 26th of Tamuz on Shabbat

Prophetic Message


Yes, I want to speak forth MY children. Listen carefully and listen well. It will do you good to stay in tune to your FATHER; to I, YEHOVAH the ALMIGHTY. MY LOVE for you is everlasting. MY LOVE for you burns as a great Fire, a consuming Fire. Be consumed by ME. Aren’t all things meant to be consumed? Yes. Let MY Love wash over you. Let MY Love be your LIGHT. Your LIGHT in the darkness.

I give you Hope. I AM with you wherever, whenever. Let the Glories of I your FATHER YEHOVAH, fill you MY children. Yes, worship ME, desire ME, I your FATHER YEHOVAH. I The DESIRE OF AGES. I wash over your MY children with MY LIGHT and Love. MY life washes over you. You all are in MY embrace hidden. As the eagle with her young, so are you MY children in MY bosom.

Listen for MY voice, sweet and tender, MY children. I draw you unto MYSELF, unto MY bosom, the bosom of your FATHER YEHOVAH. I love you MY children. And I plant you firmly in the Earth. You shall grow and flourish and fill all the Earth. Let MY breathe fill you, I pray thee MY dear beloved children. Draw close to I your FATHER YEHOVAH. I know always what’s good for you.

MY love for you has blossomed, lo and behold it is in bloom. Behold ME MY children. I draw thee nigh! I desire thee! Shall two walk together lest they be in agreement. Agree with ME MY children. Your MOTHER URIYAH awaits thee. WISDOM! Yes, SHE cries out unto thee! SHE awaits thee by HER gates and looks for thee in the streets! SHE stands in the highest corners and shouts out unto thee as ye pass by that ye draw in unto HER dwellings. Yes, there where WISDOM is found. Yes, there where the Fear of YEHOVAH dwells. There where MY Delight is. MY love is in HER, MY children. SHE has the Mother’s love; that Mother’s care for her children. And HER gates are wide open unto all ye that will draw nigh. Amen.

Look for ME in HER, for I AM all in all. MY Joy is in HER. Stroke the chords of love of your FATHER. HIS heartstrings. The heartstrings of MY heart, I URIYAH. For HE is in ME and I AM in HIM. אנחנו אחד [WE are ONE]. ONENESS. WE are ONE.

הזמן עובר. [Time passes]

End of Word



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