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Prophecy 231 Yes MY SON YESHUA Was A Man of Sorrow, But Not The Sorrow of the World

Updated: Oct 28

Given to שלמה בן עזרא for the Praise, Honor and Glory of ELOHIM in Heaven

Received on February 5, 2023 in the year of our MASTER YEHOVAH, 5783

Prophetic Message


Joy comes only by unity. Some men I have made to walk alone with ME, and through oneness with ME and MY will they find MY joy. Yes MY SON YESHUA was a man of sorrow, but not the sorrow of the world. HE sorrowed for men but HE walked in MY joy. Always looking to the joy ahead. That was HIS strength do you see? If I have called you to walk together with ME, complete joy can only come by being united together, together with MY will. Have a mind to walk together, cling, cling, cling to each other, and together cling to ME, I YEHOVAH your FATHER. Make sure everyone is holding on, and you do this, not through desperation, but love, faith, hope, encouragement, example of righteousness, mercy. I bless you MY darling children, I YEHOVAH bless you.

MY beloved children, I look upon this world and know surely what I must do, I YEHOVAH. By fire it will be redone. Blood will flow and I will lay bare the foundation and roots of the creation and its purpose. But there isn't a day I do not rejoice and sing songs over MY creation especially MY righteous. In Heaven, I YEHOVAH dance and sing with those who knew victory through MY SON YESHUA. Truly the work of MY hands.

Give thanks continuously for what I have done. Will you not thank ME for having carried each of you, MY children? Will you not allow MY joy in each of you to manifest and add joy? Acknowledge MY good works, for it wasn't the good that I have done that causes any to stumble in thought or deed for I tempt no man. Switch and see the world and your lives with ME I YEHOVAH, a great and glorious one.

Tu Bshvat approaches, approach but with joy and celebration and good expectation to see MY goodness. For this is MY time.

MY children hold hands with your brethren in everything. And likewise you will hold tightly to MY garment, I YEHOVAH. I put you all together as a body, to support one another. Have you not experienced joy? I said defend MY word over you, that you are MY children, of the MOST HIGH. You must see that there is a stranger's voice that sounds like MY own. Speak and defend MY word.

End of Word


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