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Prophecy 232 By Allowing I YEHOVAH and MY SON YESHUA To Manifest In You Through Love

Updated: Oct 28

Given to שלמה בן עזרא for the Praise, Honor and Glory of ELOHIM in Heaven

Received on February 5, 2023 in the year of our MASTER YEHOVAH, 5783

Prophetic Message



What you do unto one another you do unto your FATHER YEHOVAH ALMIGHTY in Heaven. And I say unto you MY children, be mindful of this and your love for one another will grow. For your FATHER YEHOVAH believe also HIS love for you is engraved within HIS hands. And hide MY word deep within the heart to be nameless, faceless and selfless.

I YEHOVAH forebeare and am patient with each of you MY children. You are MY ambassadors and you are called to represent ME in all ways. You are also MY answer to the prayers of your brethren and around the world.

I hear the prayers asking for MY mercy, MY grace and by your quiet and humble spirit, a beauty that is so precious to ME, then your brethren believe. By allowing I YEHOVAH and MY SON YESHUA to manifest in you through love, through you I show MY forgiveness, MY mercy, MY grace, MY hope of a new day. Help always any whose faith is weak. For such are your obligations towards each other.

Mother URIYAH speaks:

You are only passing through this world as it is now. Your true home is where your FATHER YEHOVAH is, saith your MOTHER URIYAH, in Heaven. And equally is the blessed assurance of your salvation when you open the door of the house of your minds and hearts daily to the FATHER, HE sitting enthroned within you. For every house that is blessed has opened the door to your FATHER YEHOVAH and OUR SON YESHUA.

End of Word

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