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Prophecy 245 The FATHER YEHOVAH is the Captain of Your Ships

Updated: Oct 28

Given to Prophet שלמה בן עזרא for the Praise, Honor and Glory of ELOHIM in Heaven

Received on March 26, 2023 in the year of our MASTER YEHOVAH, 5783


Prophetic Message


There is a mystery in the 'moo' of a cow, how low and deep the groan and the LORD YEHOVAH hath made it so. Also the meow of the cat as he speaks volumes of what he desires with one sound. When you, MY People, speak in tongues, you know not the multitude of requests that are lifted up before the throne of MY husband the LORD YEHOVAH. There is a book of the prayers of the holy ones. Every word spoken by faith in tongues and in your own tongue is written and recorded.

There is pool of purification by which the angels pour in the prayers of the children of YEHOVAH and purifies prayers, for know ye not that many do not know what they ought to pray? By this, your FATHER YEHOVAH reveals HIS mercies and harkens to HIS children around the world, saith your MOTHER URIYAH. Therefore when your brethren speak incline your ear and listen as the FATHER YEHOVAH does, in humility of heart for though improper the speech, sometimes wrong, even a wrong spirit at times, there in is still something to learn, to be quick to hear, there in your FATHER YEHOVAH’s voice can still be heard and HE can still speak and reveal the soul cry.

One of the 24 Elders speak:

A ship sails upon the waters from one place to another, wherever the captain deems is the destination. Whether a ship be the titanic or a very small ship they are all guided by the rudder. A ship without a functioning rudder, broken, will be lost at sea or may hit hard rocks or ice and collapse. But the rudder guided by its captain is safe. It will always be guided safely from shore to shore. So is the tongue and the tongue is the rudder of the ships of your minds, bodies, spirits and souls. And the FATHER YEHOVAH who dwells in each of you, children of GOD, is the captain of your ships.

By what a man or woman says, he is judged. By his tongue he rises or he stumbles. By his tongue his ship makes it safely to shore, and by the words of her mouth she is blessed or defiled. You MY children worldwide are defiled not by what you hear or even by what you see, for the wind blows against dung, and yet the wind is not defiled but carries the smell away. But by what the tongue of the mind and the body, the mouth speak. Only then it contaminates, so speak life and not death. Speak it over the creation and the souls of men, for there is a counsel of evil, and their only purpose is to speak evil over the world for 24 hours in a day.

It is a war of the tongue, for in the tongue of man is the power of the ELOHM, power which they cannot control except they receive the LORD YEHOVAH and HIS SON YESHUA. See the power that is within the tongue to bring life or death, saith one of the 24 Elders who sits before throne of the Lord YEHOVAH.

End of Word


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