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Prophecy 261 Yes, MY Children, You Are OUR Joy and Crown!

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

Given to Prophet אברהם בן עזרא for the Praise, Honor and Glory of ELOHIM in Heaven

Received on 24-25th August, 2022 on the year of our LORD 5782, 28th of Av

Prophetic Message


MY holy children, listen to the voice of your FATHER. Incline your ear unto HIM. Cheer up MY children, for you have been allotted the good portion of life! Joy unspeakable full of glory! HALLELU YAH! Yes, glories divine!

MY children, lower yourselves some more! Get lower. Get grounded. Become the dust you are. For indeed without MY breathe, yea I say without MY breathe, ye are but dust! But PRAISE ME for this which I do through vessels of earth. Yea, yet ye are no ordinary vessels. Ye are more than gold, yea more than the gold of Ophir. MY children you are a treasure like none other. And MY love charms you, woos you, O MY beloved, MY bride!

A wedding coronation shall take forth in the Heavenlies. You shall be decked, adorned a sparkling Bride for your DAD YEHOVAH, for your YESHUA and to the HOLY FAMILY! Look your best MY children. Do your best. Give ME your all. Like Cinderella, let ME prepare you for the grand ball.

I love you MY children O so much! Daily I delight in you! You are a gift unto ME from MY BELOVED, MY YEHOVAH! HALLELU YAH!!! Rejoice in ME MY children! Rejoice with ME! I look forward to everyday, to spend time with you MY children. Everyday a different adventure as you grow more and more into your FATHER, MY BELOVED, your DADDY YEHOVAH.

It’s OUR Joy and delight as PARENTS to watch OUR children grow in the way WE raise them up! O the excitement! Be filled with more love for one another! For in love there’s no misstep. I, WE guide your steps. Your FATHER and I, together. Step by step. Day by day! Yes, MY children, you are OUR joy and crown!

Rejoice before your FATHER YEHOVAH, and again I say REJOICE!! HALLELU YAH!!! For marvellous and great are things HE has made! Give HIM Glory all HIS creation! Prostrate yourselves before the GREAT KING I AM. Tremble before HIM all HIS hosts! Give HIM the glory due HIS ETERNAL NAME! HALLELU YAH!!!

End of Word



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