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Prophecy 271 Only The Cover of I YEHOVAH Shall Save In That Day!

Updated: Oct 28

Given to Prophet אברהם בן עזרא for the Praise, Honor and Glory of ELOHIM in Heaven

Received on 3rd September, 2022 on the year of our LORD 5782, 7th of Elul

Prophetic Message


Yes, give ME glory MY children! Give the HOLY ONE Glory all ye nations! Enthroned on HIGH is The MOST-HIGH ELOHIM, YEHOVAH is HIS HOLY NAME. Nations quake at THY rebuke O HOLY ONE! By the power of THY breathe, they tremble. And none can stand before YOU O Mighty KING!

YOU have chastened and YOU have rebuked. And the nations have been laid waste before YOU. Revive YOUR peoples and they shall be revived! Have mercy upon the works of THINE hands, even pity upon the dust of the Earth. For only by YOUR breathe have YOU sustained them and kept them thus far. Only THOU canst save, only THOU art able to DELIVER from their mighty foe!

I have heard and I have saved. I will hear and I will save! For the bowels of MY compassion have been stirred for MY creation. The peoples of the nations, the tender work of MY hands. Hearken ye unto The HOLY ONE, The Only BLESSED ONE and turn ye from your wicked ways all ye nations. For indeed the axe has been put to the root of the trees. For such woe shall be poured upon thee from above and from beneath!

Only the cover of I YEHOVAH shall save in that day! Only the shelter of MY wings will keep you safe. Only MY Order shall prevail, none other order shall take centre stage. [1236—1248 hrs 19th August, 2023] Only I, YEHOVAH the ALMIGHTY do stand and shall stand forever! All else before ME shall be scattered. Yes, nothing that is not of MY Order shall stand! Only that which is of I, YEHOVAH GOD THE ALMIGHTY shall stand.

Yes, in that day, I shall lay waste all the kingdoms of men, of beasts and all sorts of creatures not of ME, I YEHOVAH GOD ALMIGHTY. I have established MY ORDER. I have set the ORDER of MY KINGDOM and that alone shall and does stand the test of time. MY SON YESHUA’S KINGDOM shall be established. All else shall be swallowed up whole. They shall be consumed by MY fire, by MY great fire from MY THRONE exalted on high! Yes, the fire of the 7 Spirits. Hallelu YAH! I shall bring an end of all that which is valued in the world. It shall all be brought to nothing. All that the nations have worked towards and are working towards shall be emptied and destroyed. Many I say, many, shall be dismayed! They shall be discomfited! For their hope shall be crashed right before their eyes!

Indeed, they will have nothing to hold onto! It will be as it is trying to grasp onto the wind! Everything shall slip through their hands! Amen. But MY children, yes, indeed the children of the MOST HIGH shall flourish! All MY creatures that in MY ORDER have been kept shall flourish! They shall be in bloom!

Yes, mankind shall indeed live as the trees so ancient! Yes, years upon years they shall live! Goodness, the fatness of I, their FATHER YEHOVAH, they shall know! They shall enjoy MY fatness to the fullness forever! Amen. Hallelu YAH! Therefore, rejoice all ye that be doers of righteousness in the Earth! For your portion is with THE MOST-HIGH! Yes, the MOST-HIGH has delighted to give you all things, yes, through HIS SON YESHUA, Awesome and Beloved! Hallelu YAH!

Rejoice before ME all ye children of I, YEHOVAH, CREATOR of All! Hallelu YAH! Yes, rejoice in the goodness of your FATHER YEHOVAH forever and ever! Amen.

End of Word


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