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Prophecy 273 TRUTH Is Ancient

Updated: Oct 28

Given to Prophet אברהם בן עזרא for the Praise, Honor and Glory of ELOHIM in Heaven

Received on 7th September, 2022 on the year of our LORD 5782, 11th of Elul

Prophetic Message


Yes, MY precious son, MY words everlasting and true, write. TRUTH is ancient. It guides the soul, and sets free because it is THE SON, even YESHUA THE ALMIGTY. Fashioned from of old by the FATHER, TRUTH has led many a captive free, set loose the bonds of the prisoners, and all who would hearken to HIM. TRUTH has lifted the heavy burdens of the heavy laden and they sprang forth with ecstasy and Praise to the HOLY ONE, BLESSED is HIS HOLY NAME. HALLELU YAH forever more!!! Amen.

MY children, behold the heritage from of old. A true legacy rooted deep in Righteousness, truth and mercy. Gracious is THE FATHER and full of COMPASSION. As a father has compassion on his children so does THE HOLY ONE on those who fear HIS HOLY NAME, those who dearly love and hold onto TRUTH. HE does not linger, rather HE runs forth, quickly responds to their requests and needs. HALLELU YAH!

MY children, by TRUTH ye are sustained. Stray not from the truth. Learn truth, know the Word is life of the body and strength. Strength to stand in the day of battle and of testing. Be battle hardened ye children of THE MOST-HIGH EL YEHOVAH. Be ye courageous. Stay ye your ranks! Behold your GENERAL. Be ye soldiers transformed in mind and body. Discipline ye yourselves to take the blow. To take the blow for one another and for the KING, your BELOVED PRECIOUS FATHER YEHOVAH.

Put in the work. Put in the time. Stay focused upon your GENERAL. Learn the rules of the army, learn the rules of combat. Listen to your FATHER. THE ANCIENT of Days has ordained you MY children to know HIM, to draw nigh unto HIM. Draw ye nigh and hold not back. Wholly lean upon HIM for everything. Wholly trust HIM for only the best, only the good are HIS thoughts towards you MY beloved children.

Is there heartache, is there pain? But HE is not far! HE is ever so nigh! Awake ye MY bride and behold MY love! Hear O heart MY song! שיר השירים![Shir Hashirim – Song of Songs] Behold MY darling, what manner of love! Purity, chastity, innocence! These three I have clothed thee in them. Therefore, shine forth, glow for ME, your LOVER. I URIYAH, I YEHOVAH your BELOVED.

End of Word


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