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Prophecy 277 Escape Ye That Which Has Trapped So Many

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

Given to Prophet אברהם בן עזרא for the Praise, Honor and Glory of ELOHIM in Heaven

Received on 8th September, 2022 on the year of our LORD 5782, 12th of Elul

Prophetic Message


MY children, MY words are forever true and faithful. MY nurture, that which you require to grow and to prosper into the men and women you should and are to be. YEHOVAH your FATHER has meticulously made every calculation of your whereabouts and being to fulfil the calling HE has placed upon your lives. HIS faithfulness abounds unto all eternity. See yourselves in eternity with HIM MY children. Hold HIS hand and walk with HIM wherever HE leadeth.

HE leads and you MY children follow. MY leadership, that is the Leadership of your Beloved FATHER YEHOVAH, is one set in stone. It’s of the rod of discipline and love. To walk in the SPIRIT and not in the flesh. For to be fleshly minded is death but to be SPIRIT minded is LIFE even more abundantly. Resist every inclination and draw of the flesh. Hearken not to its seductions. For it has seduced many unto eternal destruction. The flesh is an enemy of MINE and of thine. Sweet are the words that drip from its lips [to the natural man] only to draw you nigh unto sheol, like the wayward woman she is.

Feed her not, but starve, starve her to death you must. Live by the SPIRIT, by MY SPIRIT and ye shall not fulfil the desires of the wayward woman. Evil and foul is she and she leads all who walk by her doors down the steps of sheol. She is companion of the damned. But not you MY children, hearken unto I your MOTHER URIYAH and live. Escape ye that which has trapped so many.

Hearken unto the Wisdom of I your MOTHER URIYAH and know the best that I only seek for you MY children. Behold SHALOM [PEACE] your FATHER and walk in HIM. Walk in your FATHER’S shalom. Abide there in HIM. Let your souls be at rest in HIM. True rest. Servanthood. Let Shalom be your cover. MY HUSBAND SHALOM, THANK YOU for keeping all YOUR children safe. MY children, thank you for abiding in your FATHER YEHOVAH.

I love you MY children. Shalom.


End of Word



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