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Prophecy 279 I Have Equipped You with All You Need

Updated: Oct 25

Given to Prophet אברהם בן עזרא for the Praise, Honor and Glory of ELOHIM in Heaven

Received on 10th September, 2022 on the year of our LORD 5782, 14th of Elul & continuation on the 19th August, 2023 that is 3rd of Elul, 5783

Prophetic Message


I, YEHOVAH, speak forth MY precious children. Precious are you always unto ME MY children. I muse about you and you give ME a chuckle. A FATHER that delights in you MY children. Think on ME and muse upon MY ways and let your hearts be guarded therein. Meditate on them all day, all night.

Let them not ever leave your sight. Be watchful, be on guard. For the enemy prowling around seeks whom he may claim for destruction. Guard your hearts in MY Word. I have equipped you with all you need for this life and even the next and that after that. There’s always more MY children, more and more. Fear not, I AM always with you to the very end of the age, I never leave you. You are the children of MY delight, I, YEHOVAH ALMIGHTY.

WE shall overcome all things together. You comfort ME and I comfort you. I delight to see you all every day. Every waking moment is another gift, another blessing to be with you MY precious children. Delight in I your FATHER always. For all things are found in ME. Endure all things. Know for sure ye are loved. See I THE FATHER always in you and you in ME. MY light shining forth from you.

True love embraces truth. True love is I YEHOVAH the ALMIGHTY. True love leads you to your FATHER YEHOVAH. What can I say? [19th August, 2023] MY children, all MY love for you abounds in every breath you take; every step you take. Yes, there it shines for you! It brightens you all MY children that walk in MY love. MY love polishes you! Yes, it orders your steps and holds you in the palm of MY hands. Amen.

Yes, in the realms of beauty do I take you; do I hold you. I serenade your souls in MY realms of delight, MY children! Hallelu YAH! Abide in I, YEHOVAH, your FATHER and know the goodness of the LORD! Yes, even I, YEHOVAH, thy MAKER and ELOHIM! Hallelu YAH! Amen. Shout forth the acclaim, children! Yes, shew forth the glory of the HOLY ONE, of I, your BLESSED ONE forever! Amen!

I have enriched you! I have made you strong! Yes, I have imbued you with great wealth for your souls! That ye may all prosper before ME forever just as your souls prosper! Amen. Hallelu YAH! Children, abiding in ME is strength. It is wisdom to abide in the presence of the FATHER. To always be at HIS feet. Yes, seeking HIS face, seeking HIS will, HIS desire for your lives, yes, for all! It is a protection. It is a protection for the mind. It keeps the heart guarded from whence issues the issues of life! Hallelu YAH! Therefore, children, pay careful attention to the needs of the FATHER, where HE is leading you. That ye may draw nigh the MOST HIGH, I, even I, YEHOVAH the ALMIGHTY! Amen.

Watch for your wells that they be not polluted, dear beloved little ones. Yes, ye MY children, watch your tongues. Do not give them free reign over you in the futility of the flesh, of the mind. That is the carnal mind. For that is enmity against I, YEHOVAH, THE ALMIGHTY. Let the well-springs of your hearts be ever fresh in ME. Let MY Garden in your hearts be well kept, well perfumed for its KING. Yes, let MY waters by which I refresh MYSELF and you be not muddied up. For I the KING, come to MY HOUSE, to inspect it. Yes, to cool MYSELF by thy houses. How do ye treat I, the KING, your KING? It is up to you.

End of Word


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