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Prophecy 287 The LORD YEHOVAH Has Commanded

Updated: Oct 25

Given to Prophet שלמה בן עזרא for the Praise, Honor and Glory of ELOHIM in Heaven

Received on May 1, 2023 in the year of our LORD 5783

Prophetic Message


One of the 24 Elders Speaks:

Certain organs in the body of mankind wear a crown for even your organs are both body and spirit and each have a mind. They submit unto the mind of the body which is the head but they will each testify as to what was done in your lives while in the body. You do not cause your hearts to beat, children of LORD YEHOVAH of this world, nor did you choose any part of your body but realize it was given to you and you who existed before the world began were placed in it. Even your bodies know that a spirit dwells within it, so your lives are not your own. Even your bodies examines the spirit that entered in and lives for you to prosper in body and soul. Just as the creation on Earth, was made before Adam, even his body and then your FATHER YEHOVAH breathed into him so that he became a living a soul, so were your bodies created before your spirit was placed in it.

The body of the human being is first developed within the womb for 6 days and on the 6th day of development the spirit which existed before is knit into the body while in the womb. The body is as a garden of the spirit where he finds rest after his travel from the Spiritual to the physical. After the 6th day then the baby in the womb receives his or her Sabbath within the nest of the mother’s womb until birth.

The body parts and organs submit so faithfully to the head, though each having a life of its own, that they seem to have no single life at all apart from the head. But each is alive and wears a spiritual crown marked even by their form and shape to rule over certain functions within the body. In this same way, so reach the place of submission and obedience unto your FATHER YEHOVAH, children of the GOD, that you seem to be not alive but dead but alive only in the will of the FATHER of all, YEHOVAH GOD Almighty.

One of the 24 Elders speak:

It is as the changing of one’s clothing. Though different apparels the one who wears it is the same. The changing of the garment is as the languages of the earth. There are many languages but in truth there is only the language of life of death. Does not your FATHER YEHOVAH word say though a man speak in the tongue or men and angels but has not love, it is a clanging cymbal? For inquiries are made into the words of mankind for many realize not the spiritual world and universe they live in. Only through your FATHER YEHOVAH and LORD YESHUA HIS SON can the veils of the world be lifted from the eyes of men, and HE has done a marvelous work in each of you and will continue to do.

The LORD YEHOVAH has commanded, you children of GOD, to learn Hebrew. Realize Hebrew is the only language that is on earth that in and of itself is a language of life. Not simply a tongue, a means of communication but as there is life in the tongue, there is life in the tongue and language of Hebrew. There are some languages on Earth that are not to be learned because there is a curse upon the tongue. Such a curse can only be lifted through LORD YEHOVAH and HIS SON YESHUA.

Continue diligently in the study of Hebrew. Some of you have done well in this, and as you speak it, spiritually you allow your FATHER YEHOVAH to minister to you in a unique way. Speak the language and also inherit all the languages of the spirit as each of you children of GOD keep your eyes fixed upon the will of your FATHER YEHOVAH who is worthy to be praised.

End of Word


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