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Prophecy 288 Courage and Faith Walk Hand in Hand

Updated: Oct 25

Given to Prophet שלמה בן עזרא for the Praise, Honor and Glory of ELOHIM in Heaven

Received on May 2, 2023 in the year of our LORD 5783

Prophetic Message



Courage and faith walk hand in hand. Brave hearts is MY gifts to you each MY children of the FATHER for though ye all walk a valley of shadows, behold a shadow that follows thee and it is not you but I YEHOVAH and another, MY SON YESHUA who reside in you. The shadow of the MOST HIGH, your FATHER LORD YEHOVAH is your protection, saith your MOTHER URIYAH.

To destroy Goliath, David had to be brave and courageous. To walk through the red sea, Moses had to brave and to raise His rod in the sight of Israel. Courage is necessary to a life of peace as you believe that from the beginning the promises of YEHOVAH your FATHER is a yea and amen. Great things are accomplished through courage. MY SON YESHUA had to be courageous to go down into hell for three days to be ridiculed by HIS adversary and brave to take the sins of the world. Be brave and courageous in the walk of righteousness before MY face.


Callings are first believed and then realized. For faith you must have first and then the evidence of the things unseen are put into your Spirits. And before your eyes, as your FATHER YEHOVAH chooses, MY HUSBAND. It is a light bulb moment where your eyes are opened to understanding even to the events of your lives growing up. The mathematics of your FATHER YEHOVAH, YOU MY MIGHTY HUSBAND, is beyond comprehension.

For YOU calculate one individual's life perfectly in the equation of all things created. How great is YOUR gift of faith unto all you have made that YOU may be known, for no one can obtain unto YOU through pursuit of knowledge. For YOUR ways, MY HUSBAND, are higher and YOUR thoughts are higher. The height of it no one comprehends but YOU increase in glory forever.

The callings of men were removed because of the plot of the enemy to disperse the layers of the soul through the flesh and sin. For mankind was to know as Adam in the garden their purpose and commands. But knowledge without MY SPIRIT corrupts so knowledge is taken away until they come to saving grace and I YEHOVAH begin returning layers of the soul to the oneness, the oneness in ME and MY SON YESHUA.

End of Word

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