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Prophecy 289 Work Diligently And Rest Deeply Even as OUR SON YESHUA

Updated: Oct 25

Given to Prophet שלמה בן עזרא for the Praise, Honor and Glory of ELOHIM in Heaven

Received on May 20, 2023 in the year of our LORD 5783

Prophetic Message



Work diligently and rest deeply even as OUR SON YESHUA, on the boat when the storms raged on around HIS disciples. For YESHUA having risen from HIS rest, spoke forth HIS peace and all was stilled.

If thou believe as a little child, you can daily speak forth your peace and it will go forth to accomplish the will of your FATHER YEHOVAH, MY HUSBAND, saith your MOTHER URIYAH. For peace is a Spirit, holy unto your FATHER. Did not YESHUA said MY peace I give you and MY peace I leave you. Did HE not say to HIS followers when they went to a house that received them they were to speak forth for their peace to remain and cleave to the house and if they were rejected they were to call back their peace?

For peace carries a fiery blade, and fierce to behold and powerful. For the principalities caused the storms on the sea and peace went forth at OUR SON YESHUA's command to cut them down with one swing of the blade. YESHUA said HE did not come with the peace of the world to bring peace to the world but HIS FATHER'S peace which is a sword and to set the world on fire.

Peace is not turmoil, but rest, it is the rest that is only in the bosom of the FATHER of all Lights, MY LORD and HUSBAND YEHOVAH ALMIGHTY.

Even the trees are able to give the life within them for another to live. For all creation is able to sacrifice, to make an offering of their life. The lamb is silent before slaughter because your FATHER put it in the spirit and DNA of the animal. For even animals understand they are for the sustenance of man, though speech has been taken from them.

One of the 24 Elders speaks:

The fullness of the RUACH HAKODESH is LORD YEHOVAH and HIS helpmeet is your MOTHER URIYAH. THEY are together called the HOLY SPIRIT for ECHAD is Holy. When LORD YEHOVAH moved in the invisible alone, the sole Spirit, HE was and is Holy unto HIMSELF.

If you children of YEHOVAH worldwide know more of OUR SON YESHUA, then you discover the FATHER. Get to know your MOTHER, and you also learn of the RUACH HAKODESH. For the FATHER is found in MOTHER and SON, HE is all in all.

For the FATHER, LORD YEHOVAH is Spirit. HE first created height and depth and fixed water in between them that there should be separation because of HIS greatness and holiness. They that will ascend must pass through waters of cleansing. When HE thought to create, in order to touch what HE has made, HE made sanctified days and set apart places for HIS feet, for hands, and sanctified places to sit amongst what HE has made. For HE is the HOLY SPIRIT and HE is King

End of Word

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