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Prophecy 290 Spirit of Man is The Candle of YEHOVAH

Updated: Oct 25

Given to Prophet שלמה בן עזרא for the Praise, Honor and Glory of ELOHIM in Heaven

Received on May 20, 2023 in the year of our LORD 5783

Prophetic Message


One of the 24 Elders Speak:

Fire was created to reveal the consuming power of LORD YEHOVAH ALMIGHTY. A candle and its flame represent the divisions of power that HE spread throughout HIS created worlds. How much mankind needs fire for it is the energy needed for their light, to cook their food, to warm their temples, to build and to construct, to transform, to purify, to strengthen, to destroy. By their daily uses LORD YEHOVAH gives mankind a feel of HIS SPIRIT. Mankind climbs for power but if they saw HIM in all HIS glory, they would become consumed. So HE reveals HIMSELF in the gentle candle flame and in their lives, that they should wish to make alliance, and peace with their Creator, those who have not received their Creator.

For the flame flickers and cannot be held. That is so only to show men that HIS power cannot be held by any to whom HE does not give it but burns. For the flame is trusted to whom it is given. Even the Spirit of man is the candle of YEHOVAH. Their lives are in HIS hands. Their lives are not their own.


The place of sobriety is always near the FATHER of Lights. For HIS light is truth and love. HIS light filled MY mind, I YESHUA, when I was brought into the desert. The tempter and the accuser came saying, “If YOU are the Son of GOD, cast yourself off the mount, turn stone into bread, bow down and worship.” For realize it true that at any stage of growth before the face of the FATHER, YEHOVAH ALMIGHTY, the tempter and accuser is there. Even when I YESHUA was to give MY life on the cross, he came to discourage MY heart, but I looked forward to the joy ahead.

Walk in Our FATHER YEHOVAH’s joy, and always look forward to the joys ahead. The joy of spending eternity with I, YESHUA your Savior.

End of Word


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